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A library for making Mockito work with Groovy

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You're using Mockito and Groovy. Maybe you've noticed that, when you try to mock a Groovy class from a Groovy test, it fails horribly. Now it won't!

Specifically, this library provides a workaround for Mockito Issue 303:

How do you use it?

  1. Include mockito-groovy-support on your classpath.
  2. Use Mockito from Groovy as you normally would.
  3. Everything should just work. If it doesn't, let us know.

Where can I get it?

Download the jar from the "releases" tab here in github, or use the Maven central repository. Enjoy!

Who made this?

Moss Collum and Laura Dean of Cyrus Innovation wrote the original version. Jostein Gogstad contributed the code to support verification and argument matchers.

Email us at: [email protected]


  • 1.3: Fix a bug in working with groovy subclasses; thanks to Shawn Garner and Tim Andersen for this fix.
  • 1.2: Work seamlessly with Mockito using MockMaker extension point.
  • 1.1: Support verification and argument matchers.
  • 1.0.1: Made project available through Maven.
  • 1.0: Support basic stubbing of Groovy classes.
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