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An android app that acts as a remote mouse and keyboard for your PC (windows only).

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Note: it's a part of my AI assistant VINI, and some parts(files) of this app have been removed. The main activity belonged to the functionality of VINI app, of which the MobileMouse is a subset. Those files have been removed.

A simple android app that acts as a remote mouse and also as a keyboard (functionality added in v1.5) for your PC (windows only). This project consists of a backend server made in python and it uses sockets to connect to the android app. Security vulnerabilities can be addressed and dealt with very easily(for example using SSL security for sockets).

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required libraries in python:
$pip install win32con
$pip install win32api

$python MobileMouse

Windows server side exe file(installable) here:

Android app Here:

One more Step:
You have to set the IP address of your PC in the settings of the MobileMouse android app. To do that, go to cmd, type command:

The ip address is the value of IPv4 address key.
Added typing functionality. Now you can type remotely from the app into your laptop.

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