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One of many possibilities for a personal statistics dashboard. Currently it works with minute-agent, my Cocoa keycounter application to show off keystrokes. It's a work in progress.

Uses lots of d3 behind the scenes, with just a quick hint of jQuery to tie things together.


Install minute-agent.

Download or git clone this repository into any directory you want (for example: ~/Sites/minute). From that directory run make run. Now simply point your browser at http://localhost:8888 and you should get a blank page with an error message.

To visualize a snapshot of your keystrokes, copy keystrokes.log from ~/Documents/minute/keystrokes.log to ~/Sites/minute/keystrokes.log.

To have continuously updating version, link the two:

ln -s ~/Documents/minute/keystrokes.log ~/Sites/minute/keystrokes.log


basic-canvas.html contains a reimplementation of index.html that does drawing in Canvas. This is mainly due to me testing in Google Chrome 'Canary', which has a subpar SVG implementation. The canvas render version is lightning-fast in Safari.

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