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A simple but effective mini-profiler for ASP.NET (and Core) websites


4 years ago


4 years ago

Release notes have moved to as of v4.0.0


5 years ago

Large refactor of ASP.NET Core configuration, details in #210.

This release supports both ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core. Full details on the v4 release are in #144.


7 years ago
  • Fix in place for issue where results-index wasn't working #80
  • UI fix for Angular 1.3+ (UI19)
  • New setting to enable/disable compression #97


8 years ago
  • Added new IAdvancedSqlFormatter interface. This extends ISqlFormatter and can be used in its place when assigning to MiniProfiler.Settings.SqlFormatter.
  • Changed VerboseSqlFormatter to inherit from IAdvancedSqlFormatter. This is used in new features to include additional meta data (which can be toggled on or off using the IncludeMetaData property in that class) from #42 and #72. This feature had been included in v3.0.11 and is not present in v3.0.12 (see #68 for more info).
  • Add lock to resolved Null Reference Exception when retrieving Custom Timings in parallel (#70, #75)
  • Enhanced formatting for Stored Procedures is moved from SqlServerFormatter to VerboseSqlFormatter. Bug fix to prevent parameter prefixes from being applied unnecessarily (#69).


8 years ago
  • Reverses API changes made in v3.0.11 to the ISqlFormatter.FormatSql function, to avoid breaking the API (#68). New features based on these changes are pushed to v3.1
  • Add select statement for output parameters when generating sql for profiled sql stored procedures (#65)
  • Fix display issues with bottom-positioned ui, other UI fixes (UI/#14)
  • Better support for proxies and load balancers when defining user based on IP address (#66)
  • Ensure that the parameter prefix is only applied when necessary (and never applied twice) (#67, #69)
  • Upgraded MongoProfiler to Mongo CSharp Driver 1.9.1. This is included in nuget MiniProfiler.MongoDb -version 3.0.11 (#64)


8 years ago
  • RequireJs support now integrated (UI#11, #47, UI#12)
  • Parameter names should mass base declaration in ActionFilterAttribute (#54)
  • New constructor for SqlServerStorage (#53) - instantiate with connection string
  • Adding more options for SqlServer sql formatting through VerboseSqlServerFormatter. More flexibility for all formatters by including the IDbCommand in the ISqlFormatter.FormatSql method (#48, #59).
  • Do not record CustomTiming (#24) or CustomLink if MiniProfiler.IsActive == false
  • Better Sql Formatting for Stored Procedures on Sql Server (#60)
  • EF6 release from beta
    • Update to EFProfiledDBProviderServices for EF6 with MySql (#63)
  • MongoDb initial nuget (through mongocsharpdriver v1.8.3)


8 years ago


9 years ago
  • First public nuget release of v3.0
  • Includes new nuget package updates:
  • CustomTiming replaces SqlTiming as the general timing storage. Sql is now just one case. More adaptable for different timing types.
  • Lots of bug fixing, performance enhancements
  • Move from the old location to here.
  • SqlServerStorage is rewritten to use different tables, corresponding to new CustomTiming approach. If you used SqlServerStorage in v2.0 this is a breaking change. In this case be sure to see the new table creation script
  • Add MultiStorageProvider as new option for being able to designate multiple storage locations.
    • Will store in all listed, retrieve from the first possible location where there is a match
    • Implements IStorage so it can be set for the session using MiniProfiler.Settings.Storage, or for the individual request.
    • Set MiniProfiler.Current.Storage to any IStorage (including MultiStorageProvider) to customize the storage for any single request (example)
  • New nuget for Entity Framework 6. Initialize in with MiniProfilerEF6.Initialize();
  • Updated for newest versions of SqlCe and SqlLite