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? Blazing fast minimap / scrollbar for vim, powered by code-minimap written in Rust.

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? minimap.vim

Blazing fast minimap for vim, powered by ? code-minimap written in Rust.

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✨ Features

  • Blazing-fast (see benchmark).
  • Dynamic scaling.
  • Real-time highlight.
  • It can be used to scroll buffer (in vim's way!).

? Installation


  • ?code-minimap is required. The plugin receives rendered minimap from it.
  • vim8.2+, or neovim 0.5.0+.

Use your favorite plugin manager, vim-plug for example:

Plug 'wfxr/minimap.vim'

If you need to install the plugin manually, you can refer to this issue: #2.

You can use cargo to install 'code-minimap' simultaneously (Only recommended for rust users):

Plug 'wfxr/minimap.vim', {'do': ':!cargo install --locked code-minimap'}

? Example configuration

let g:minimap_width = 10
let g:minimap_auto_start = 1
let g:minimap_auto_start_win_enter = 1

? Commands

Flag Description
Minimap Show minimap window
MinimapClose Close minimap window
MinimapToggle Toggle minimap window
MinimapRefresh Force refresh minimap window
MinimapUpdateHighlight Force update minimap highlight
MinimapRescan Force recalculation of minimap scaling ratio

⚙ Options

Flag Default Description
g:minimap_auto_start 0 if, set minimap will show at startup
g:minimap_auto_start_win_enter 0 if, set with g:minimap_auto_start minimap shows on WinEnter
g:minimap_width 10 the width of the minimap window in characters
g:minimap_window_width_override_for_scaling 2147483647 the width cap for scaling the minimap (see minimap.txt help file)
g:minimap_base_highlight Normal the base color group for minimap
g:minimap_block_filetypes ['fugitive', 'nerdtree', 'tagbar', 'fzf' ] disable minimap for specific file types
g:minimap_block_buftypes ['nofile', 'nowrite', 'quickfix', 'terminal', 'prompt'] disable minimap for specific buffer types
g:minimap_close_filetypes ['startify', 'netrw', 'vim-plug'] close minimap for specific file types
g:minimap_close_buftypes [] close minimap for specific buffer types
g:minimap_left 0 if set, minimap window will append left
g:minimap_highlight_range 0 if set, minimap will highlight range of visible lines
g:minimap_highlight_search 0 if set, minimap will highlight searched patterns
g:minimap_git_colors 0 if set, minimap will highlight range of changes as reported by git
g:minimap_enable_highlight_colorgroup 1 if set, minimap will create an autocommand to set highlights on color scheme changes.

⚙ Color Options

Minimap.vim sets its own color groups to give a reasonable default.

Flag Default Description
g:minimap_search_color_priority 120 the priority for the search highlight colors
g:minimap_cursor_color_priority 110 the priority for the cursor highlight colors
g:minimap_cursor_color minimapCursor the color group for current position
g:minimap_range_color minimapRange the color group for window range (if highlight_range is enabled)
g:minimap_search_color Search the color group for highlighted search patterns in the minimap
g:minimap_diffadd_color minimapDiffAdded the color group for added lines (if git_colors is enabled)
g:minimap_diffremove_color minimapDiffRemoved the color group for removed lines (if git_colors is enabled)
g:minimap_diff_color minimapDiffLine the color group for modified lines (if git_colors is enabled)
g:minimap_cursor_diffadd_color minimapCursorDiffAdded the color group for the cursor over added lines
g:minimap_cursor_diffremove_color minimapCursorDiffRemoved the color group for the cursor over removed lines
g:minimap_cursor_diff_color minimapCursorDiffLine the color group for the cursor over modified lines
g:minimap_range_diffadd_color minimapRangeDiffAdded the color group for the window range encompassing added lines
g:minimap_range_diffremove_color minimapRangeDiffRemoved the color group for the window range encompassing removed lines
g:minimap_range_diff_color minimapRangeDiffLine the color group for the window range encompassing modified lines

You can create your own colorgroup by specifying the foreground and background colors for the cterm or gui:

:highlight minimapCursor ctermbg=59  ctermfg=228 guibg=#5F5F5F guifg=#FFFF87

For more information, see :help highlight

Note: some colorschemes will clear all previous colors, so you may have to add an autocmd to ensure your custom colorgroups are added back:

autocmd ColorScheme *
        \ highlight minimapCursor            ctermbg=59  ctermfg=228 guibg=#5F5F5F guifg=#FFFF87 |
        \ highlight minimapRange             ctermbg=242 ctermfg=228 guibg=#4F4F4F guifg=#FFFF87

If you prefer to disable this behavior, set g:minimap_enable_highlight_colorgroup to 0 / false. This is useful if you have a color scheme that sets the minimap highlight groups explicitly.

? F.A.Q

Highlight and scroll are not working properly.

Check the vim version you are using. minimap.vim requires vim 8.2+ or neovim 0.5.0+.

Integrated with diagnostics or git status plugins?

Not implemented currently but it should be possible. Welcome to contribute!

update: Git support has been implemented #72.

Minimap window is too wide for me, how to use it as a simple scrollbar?

You can reduce the width of the minimap window:

let g:minimap_width = 2

Or use scrollbar.nvim instead if what you want is a pure scrollbar indicator.

How do the color priorities work?

A higher priority color group will override a lower priority color group. By default, search > cursor/window position > git colors

I don't like the default highlight group, how to change it?

Choose any one of the highlight groups (or define a new one) and just set it for minimap like this:

hi MinimapCurrentLine ctermfg=Green guifg=#50FA7B guibg=#32302f
let g:minimap_cursor_color = 'MinimapCurrentLine'

All existed Highlight groups can be displayed by :hi.

Minimap shows up as a jumble of characters?

Check that your encoding is set to utf-8 and not latin1 (for Vim users). Also, ensure that you're using a Unicode-compatible font that has Braille characters in it.

What is g:minimap_highlight_range and how do you use it?

You can have the minimap highlight all the visible lines in your current window by setting g:minimap_highlight_range. If you use Neovim, and your version is recent enough (after November 7, 2020), you can set this option to update the highlight when the window is scrolled.


I'm using g:minimap_highlight_search and the highlighted searches don't go away until I :nohlsearch and save!

It is recommended that you create a mapping to run :nohlsearch and clear the minimap all in one action. For example:

nnoremap <silent> `` :nohlsearch<CR>:call minimap#vim#ClearColorSearch()<CR>

? Running Unit Tests

  • Install Testify.
  • From the top level directory (minimap.vim/) vim +TestifySuite for a yay/nay from your shell.
  • For a more detailed run, open vim at the top level and run :TestifySuite. works, but an empty buffer at the top level works too.
  • To hone in on one test file, open that file (located in the t/ directory) and run :TestifyFile.
    • (As a note, the t/ directory is named such as a requirement from Testify. :TestifySuite runs all the tests in the t/ directory)

? Maintainers

ZNielsen wfxr rabirabirara
ZNielsen wfxr rabirabirara

? License

MIT (c) Wenxuan Zhang

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