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A simple and clear input overlay for your gamepads and joysticks.

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Mini Padder

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Default Skins

Simple gamepad input overlay for streaming, with default skins that keep good readability even in tough encoding situations.

  • Supports 4 gamepads simultaneously.
  • Default skins for XInput, DInput, 8-button arcade joysticks and 6-button gamepads.
  • Fade-out effect for unused buttons, of which the duration and opacity can be adjusted.
  • Directly capture from OBS without running external programs.


  • A Chromium browser environment and access to local storage. This is the environment of OBS browser source.
  • Features confirmed to be working on OBS 24.0.3 and onward. On OBS 21.1.0 and below, gamepad inputs might not be detected.

How to Use

  • From OBS browser source, put the address of the hosted webpage as URL. Recommended Width and Height is 1048 × 600.
  • Right-click the source, select Transform -> Edit Transform... to crop off outside of the intended display area.
    The intended display area varies with the way multiple gamepads are displayed. Single gamepad area is 256 × 144, and the overall area size will be displayed on the control panel. The margin between each gamepad areas is 8 pixels.
  • To make a change using the control panel, right-click the source and select Interact.
  • Mini Padder will start showing gamepads on their first input.

See the wiki page for a little more detailed guide on how to use.

Exporting & Importing Settings

A web page can't read files from the client computer before the user allows it, so this progress couldn't be made simple.

  • If you made a custom skin, load the files on the control panel. Loaded skin then can be copied as a single large JSON on the control panel. To learn how to make a custom skin, refer to the wiki page.
  • If you want to keep settings for the application outside of it, you can copy them as a form of JSON text from the page. Paste such text to import settings.

I tried to make this application to prove to myself that I can make and complete making a thing.

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