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iClould Non Public API Implementation Based on https://www.icloud.com requests Made by Vladimir Smirnov ([email protected]) http://www.mindcollapse.com/

WARNING! This code could be used for educational purposes only.

I.e. you should not use this code in any testing or production environments, otherwise you may violate Apple iCloud Terms and Condition and the Exodus 20:15 "Thou shalt not steal".

The author is not responsible for any violation of this simple and clear rules.

def getContactsList(self) def getNotesList(self) def getActiveRemindersList(self) def getCompletedRemindersList(self) def findMyIphone(self, refresh=False)

def refreshWebAuth(self)

def logout(self) def authenticate(self, rememberMe=False)

def init(self, login, password):

USAGE EXAMPLE: testCloud = iCloud(login="[email protected]", password="123456") testCloud.authenticate() print (testCloud.getContactsList()) testCloud.logout()

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