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Public analytics as a Node.js microservice. No sysadmin experience required! 📈

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micro-analytics 📈

Public analytics as a Node.js microservice, no sysadmin experience required.

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A tiny analytics server, easy to run and hack around on. It does one thing, and it does it well: count the views of something and making the views publicly accessible via an API. It supports custom database adapters so you can use your storage engine of choice.

(there is currently no frontend to display pretty graphs, feel free to build one yourself!)

This is a lerna repo with several packages in the same repository. There is more info in on each package in their subfolder:

micro-analytics-cli micro-analytics-cli

The main package used to run micro-analytics.

npm install -g micro-analytics-cli
micro-analytics --help

micro-analytics-adapter-utils micro-analytics-adapter-utils

A package that contains several useful utilities and tests that will make it easier to create storage adapters.

micro-analytics-adapter-flat-file-db micro-analytics-adapter-flat-file-db

The default storage adapter. It stores the data in a single file. This adapter is automatically installed by micro-analytics-cli.

micro-analytics-adapter-memory micro-analytics-adapter-memory

A storage adapter that keeps everything in memory, when using this all data will be lost when the app restarts.

Community adapters


We have a demo instance on demo.micro-analytics.io automatically deploys the master branch from this repository. Feel free to use it to test your clients.


Copyright Šī¸ 2017 Maximilian Stoiber & Rolf Erik Lekang, licensed under the MIT License. See license.md for more information.

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