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A companion android app for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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MHGU Database for Android (formally MHGen Database)

Source code for the Android app MHGU Database.

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Source runs in Android Studio. Open it, compile it, and run the project. You may need to create an emulator using the AVD Manager.


Located in MHGenDatabase\app\src\main\assets\databases.


Located in MHGenDatabase\app\src\main\assets\ and MHGenDatabase\app\src\main\icon-res\drawable

Package Layout

  • Contains classes to query the database

  • Contains loaders for UI to load data. Being phased out in favor of ViewModels and LiveData.

  • Pager adapters
  • RecyclerView adapters and adapter delegates

  • View ClickListener objects used to handle navigation to a different subsystem.

  • Contains subpackages, one for each subsystem supported by the app

  • Custom Views

  • Various general-purpose utilities and extension functions
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