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Unity plugin for binding machinery joint in scene.

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  • Unity plugin for binding machinery joint in scene.


  • Binding complete construction machinery, example crane, road roller, loader, grader and excavator.
  • Binding rotate joints, example: upcar of crane, external gearing and inner gearing.
  • Binding slider joints, example: big arm and landing legs of crane, waist articulation of road roller.
  • Binding hydraulic cylinder.
  • Binding dynamic spring.
  • Binding crank roker, example: scraper bucket of loader, bucket of excavator.
  • Binding crank slider, example: reciprocating engine, aircraft planetary engine.
  • Binding mesh Gear.
  • Binding worm gear.
  • Binding belt flywheel.
  • Binding vibrator.
  • Binding differential.
  • Binding transmission.
  • Binding chain belt.


  • Unity 5.0 or above.
  • .Net Framework 3.0 or above.


  • Windows


  • 1.1.0


  • Mechanism : Define abstract joint, hinge and mechanism.
  • FreeCrank : Free rotate around Z axis.
  • GearCrank : Free rotate around Z axis, can be drived by linear velocity.
  • LimitCrank : Rotate around Z axis in the angle range.
  • CrankRocker : Crank rocker mechanism.
  • CrankSlider : Crank slider mechanism.
  • RockerHinge : Hinge of roker, rotate around the axis follow roker.
  • RockerJoint : Roker joint, always look at target joint.
  • RockerLimiter : Limiter of roker, limit the distance of a pair rokers.
  • RockerRivet : Rivet of roker, keep the same position(world space) as the target joint.
  • RockerSpring : Rocker spring look at joint.
  • Slider : Slider joint.
  • SliderArm : Sequence slider arm, drive from first joint to last joint.
  • Synchronizer : Synchronous mechanisms, drive multi mechanisms at the same time.
  • Transmission : Differential mechanisms, drive multi mechanisms by ratio velocity at the same time.
  • MechanismDriver : Universal mechanism driver.
  • Gear : Gear rotate around axis Z.
  • Axle : Axle rotate around axis Z.
  • CoaxialGear : Coaxial gear with the same axis as another gear.
  • WormGear : Worm gear mechanism.
  • WormShaft : Worm shaft mechanism.
  • Belt : Move texture UV on X axis.
  • LinearVibrator : Reciprocating motion on Z axis.
  • CentrifugalVibrator : Eccentric motion around Z axis.
  • Motor : Motor provide power to drive axle.
  • Differential : Ordinary differential.
  • ChainBelt: Belt base curve chain.


  • Demos in the path "MGS.Packages/Machinery/Demo/" provide reference to you.

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