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WGBS/NOMe-seq Data Processing & Differential Methylation Analysis


6 years ago

Fix issue in counting unconverted and converted basecalls when indel is present

add option --add-snp-info to include two additional columns in allc files to reflect genotype information


6 years ago

Fix bugs when methylpy processes reads over 250bp long


6 years ago

Fix bugs and add code for error handling


6 years ago
  • Fix chr prefix issue in allc-to-bigwig
  • Change the default to False for --remove-clonal in processing pipeline
  • Change cytosine position encoding to allow the processing long reads


6 years ago

Allows speeding up merge-allc using multiple processors methylpy now uses multithread feature of samtools Optimized the manipulation of allc index Fixed bugs


6 years ago


6 years ago

methylpy indexes allc files for faster accessing.

merge-allc function is optimized and runs faster.