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Install dependency graphs of Kubernetes Helm Charts


1 year ago

Minor bugfix release to address hanging goroutines when cancelling operations via context.


1 year ago

Minor upgrade to Helm v3.7.0 for native context handling.

  • Remove cancellation hack
  • Upgrade k8s dependencies to v1.22


1 year ago

Upgrade to Helm 3

  • Helm 3, v3.6.0
  • Remove Tiller Support/Cli Options
  • Add Go Modules, Vendoring/Building
  • Enhanced/Added Unit Tests


2 years ago

#27 - Fix a bug where encoding/json attempted to marshal/unmarshal an error field in the ChartError struct directly


2 years ago

This release adds json struct tags to ChartError's exported fields. This allows json marshaling/unmarshaling to maintain the same behavior, even if the names of the fields change in the future.


3 years ago

This minor release adds a completed callback option for library clients. This allows more granular progress monitoring of chart graph installations.


3 years ago

This updates to the latest (and last) version of Helm 2. This will likely be the last release prior to moving to Helm 3.


4 years ago - Fix a bug where changes to a chart's default values.yaml were not being reflected during chart upgrades.


4 years ago

#17 - Support cancellation of long-running install/upgrade operations via context cancel.

This also updates all Kubernetes dependencies to 1.13, and switches to API version apps/v1 for stability.


4 years ago - Inspect failed Deployments, DaemonSets, Jobs to find failed pods causing chart installation failure.