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:gem: An easy-to-use workflow for generating context specific genome-scale metabolic models and predicting metabolic interactions within microbial communities directly from metagenomic data


3 months ago
  • Added versioning information to wrapper, shown by default under logo/with help message
  • Trimmed down dependencies for main metagem environment to speed up installation


3 months ago
  • Minor updates to documentation, release will update setup instructions in the snakemake workflow catalog 📜
  • This release will also be used to create a recipe for the bioconda package manager channel 🐍


4 months ago


💎 metaGEM becomes >100 stars old 👴

  • 8cbc664: bugfix: compositionVis
  • 29a05f8: expand with new tutorial from EMBO MicroCom workshop
  • ff4ac0d: allow parallelization during local job submission
  • 0af4213: reformat repo structure and make necessary code changes to comply with snakemake workflow standards


6 months ago

Maintenance, documentation, and cosmetic changes since original release 💎


2 years ago

Zenodo test


2 years ago

First official metaGEM release :gem: