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This is the official repository for the source and the binaries of MeshLab.

MeshLab is an open source, portable, and extensible system for the processing and editing of unstructured large 3D triangular meshes. It is aimed to help the processing of the typical not-so-small unstructured models arising in 3D scanning, providing a set of tools for editing, cleaning, healing, inspecting, rendering and converting this kind of meshes.

MeshLab is mostly based on the open source C++ mesh processing library VCGlib developed at the Visual Computing Lab of ISTI - CNR. VCG can be used as a stand-alone large-scale automated mesh processing pipeline, while MeshLab makes it easy to experiment with its algorithms interactively.

MeshLab is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


You can find the last MeshLab release in the Releases Tab for your favourite platform. You can also test the last nightly version of MeshLab, by downloading the artifacts of the last Github Actions workflow. You can find a guide on how to download it here.

Build instructions

We provide a set of scripts that build and deploy MeshLab automatically. All the scripts can be found in the scripts folder. For specific build instructions see the src folder.

Branches and Pull Requests

On this repository, we keep two relevant branches:

  • main: we keep here the last release version of MeshLab, with just bugfixes, optimizations and changes that do not affect the last released MeshLab binary. In case of bugs caught after a release, this branch is used to publish "post-releases".
  • devel: we add here new features and functionalities of the software that are going to appear in the next release of MeshLab. Bugfixes pushed in main are automatically merged into the devel branch.

Before committing a new change, or sending a pull request, please choose the branch that better suits for your change. If it is just a bugfix, or an edit that does not modify the software (e.g. documentation typos, changes to the deploy system, ...), use the main branch. If it is a new feature that will change the behaviour or the usage of the software, use the devel branch.

Structure of the Repository

The MeshLab repository is organized as follows:

  • docs: doxygen scripts for generating MeshLab documentation. For more details, check the readme here;
  • sample and textures: a set of files (meshes, images) used for tests;
  • resources: contains a set of files used by the software and by the deploy system to produce the final MeshLab binary;
  • scripts: in this folder there is a set of platform-dependent scripts to build and deploy MeshLab. For more details, check the readme here;
  • src: this folder contains all the source code of MeshLab and its plugins. For more details, check the readme here;
  • unsupported: this folder contains a set of old and unsupported MeshLab plugins that are no longer included and built under MeshLab.


The Meshlab source is released under the GPL License.


   All rights reserved.

   VCGLib                                     o o
   Visual and Computer Graphics Library                            o     o
                                                                  _   O  _
   Paolo Cignoni                                                    \/)\/
   Visual Computing Lab                    /\/|
   ISTI - Italian National Research Council                           |
   Copyright(C) 2005-2021                                             \



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  • Paolo Cignoni (paolo.cignoni (at)
  • Alessandro Muntoni (alessandro.muntoni (at)


For documented and repeatable bugs, feature requests, etc., please use the GitHub issues.

For general questions use StackOverflow.

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