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Go package for communicating with Medtronic insulin pumps via SPI-attached radio modules

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The medtronic package provides functions for communicating with Medtronic insulin pumps using SPI-connected radio modules.

Decoding of messages to and from the pump is derived primarily from Ben West's pioneering "Decoding Carelink" work, along with Pete Schwamb's code for RileyLink.

Radio configuration

The medtronic package and any programs that use it must be built with the appropriate Go build tag for the radio. Currently supported radios:

The default is the CC111x driver if no tags are specified.

Utility programs

The cmd directory contains a number of command-line applications:

  • mdt is a "Swiss army knife" application (analogous to the the openaps use pump ... commands)
  • mmtune scans for the best frequency to communicate with the pump
  • pumphistory retrieves pump history records and prints them
  • fakemeter sends a glucose value to the pump, as if from a connected glucometer
  • setbasals sets the pump's basal rate schedule from the command line
  • listen waits for a packet or a timeout, for use in scripts
  • sniff listens for pump communications and prints the packets it receives


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