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a service to read mdx/mdd file and provide http interface

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MDX Server

MDX Server is a service used to read MDX/MDD dictionary data and provide a standard HTTP interface to external tools.

It is just a combination of mdict-query and PythonDictionaryOnline.


  1. Run under Python 3.5 environment. When it shows a dialoge window to ask for mdx file, you may select a mdx file located in your disk. After it displayed port:8000 in console window, the service is running at background.
  2. Open your browser and input http://localhost:8000/{word} (the {word} is the English word you want to query.), then the definition of that word will be displayed according to which dictionary(mdx file) you selected in above step 1.

Please check with the manual for more detail and screenshot

MDX Server 使用说明

目前流行的 MDX 词典文件只能在 Mdict, GoldenDict, 欧路,深蓝等词典软件中使用,而不能将内容对外输出。MDX Server 通过读取 MDX、MDD 格式的词典文件,对外部提供一个标准的 HTTP 服务接口。使得一些需要词典服务的软件,比如 Kindlemate,Anki 划词助手以及其他工具可以利用这个本地服务,灵活选取所需的 MDX 词典,批量或者单独获取单词的解释。

  1. 在 python 环境下运行,弹窗内选择本地 mdx 文件,console 窗口内显示port:8000 表明服务器运行成功,等待外部请求。
  2. 在浏览器地址栏输入 http://localhost:8000/{word},其中{word} 部分为待查的单词,比如 http://localhost:8000/test ,通过 mdx-server 查询,浏览器内将显示该单词在第 1 步所选词典内的解释。

MDX Server 核心功能由 mdict-queryPythonDictionaryOnline 整合而成。


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