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Make playing audio from an iOS app simpler

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Goal of the project

Create a singleton class to make playing audio extremely within an iOS app simpler.


This code is available under the MIT license.


  1. Drag files from the Classes folder to your project;
  2. Add AudioToolbox and AVFoundation frameworks;
  3. #import "MCSoundBoard.h" wherever you want to use it.


Here's how you initialize and play a "short sound" (30s or shorter .caf, .air or .wav snippets):

	[MCSoundBoard addSoundAtPath:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"ding.wav" ofType:nil] forKey:@"ding"];

	[MCSoundBoard playSoundForKey:@"ding"];

For longer AAC, MP3 and ALAC (Apple Lossless) audio, use:

    [MCSoundBoard addAudioAtPath:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"play.mp3" ofType:nil] forKey:@"play"];
    [MCSoundBoard playAudioForKey:@"play"];

For a nice fede in effect, you can use

	[MCSoundBoard playAudioForKey:@"play" fadeInInterval:2.0];

Similar metods are available for stopping and pausing the audio:

	+ (void)stopAudioForKey:(id)key fadeOutInterval:(NSTimeInterval)fadeOutInterval;
	+ (void)stopAudioForKey:(id)key;
	+ (void)pauseAudioForKey:(id)key fadeOutInterval:(NSTimeInterval)fadeOutInterval;
	+ (void)pauseAudioForKey:(id)key;

For longer audio, this class uses AVAudioPlayer and, if you need to set volume, number of loops and so on, you can get access to the underlying player by calling:

    AVAudioPlayer *player = [MCSoundBoard audioPlayerForKey:@"play"];
    player.numberOfLoops = -1;  // Endless looping

Alternatively, if number of loops is all you want to change there is a convenience method for that:

    [MCSoundBoard loopAudioForKey:@"play" numberOfLoops:-1];
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