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The main dependencies are: Postgres, Go, Docker, and Node. The website is deployed on GCP.

To get started, run:

make test

Getting a prod db dump:

cloud_sql_proxy must be installed first. Then run:

./cloud_sql_proxy -dir=/var/cloudsql

From another terminal, pg_dump can now be run (this will require the db password):

pg_dump -h /var/cloudsql/mattbutterfield:us-central1:mattbutterfield -U mattbutterfield mattbutterfield > dump.sql

Now the local database can be set up and the data loaded:

make reset-db

Running the server

Init some env variables in case we want to use the pubsub emulator:

$(gcloud beta emulators pubsub env-init)

Now the server can be started and accessed at http://localhost:8000/:

make run-server

The pubsub emulator can optionally be started for testing video chat locally:

gcloud beta emulators pubsub start --project=mattbutterfield

Building the Docker Images

To build the docker images:

make docker-build

To run the server image locally:

docker run -e DB_SOCKET=host=host.docker.internal\ dbname=mattbutterfield\ user=matthewbutterfield \
       -e PUBSUB_EMULATOR_HOST=host.docker.internal:8085 \
       -e AUTH_TOKEN=1234 \
       -dp 8000:8000


Running make deploy will build the docker images, push them to GCR and deploy them as Cloud Run services.

Connecting to the Cloud SQL instance will get you into a psql shell where you can edit the schema and data as needed:

gcloud beta sql connect mattbutterfield --user=mattbutterfield --database=mattbutterfield --quiet
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