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The repo has implementing an esp32 standalone MQTT audio streamer. Is is desinged to work as a satellite for Rhasspy ( It supports multiple devices

Project README

ESP32 Rhasspy Satellite

The ESP32 Audio Steamer is designed to work as a satellite for Rhasppy ( Please raise an issue if some of the steps do not work or if they are unclear. Support for Snips is dropped.


  • Supports multiple devices, and you are welcomed to add more devices. Read futher below as to how.
  • For the Matrix Voice, during first flash a Raspberri Pi is needed, after that OTA can be used
  • LED Support
  • Various colors per state
  • OTA Updating
  • Dynamic brightness and colors for idle, hotword and disconnected
  • Mute / unmute microphones via MQTT
  • Mute / unmute speakers via MQTT
  • Adjust volume via MQTT (if supported by device)
  • Adjust output (speaker/jack) via MQTT (if supported by device)
  • Adjust gain via MQTT (if supported by device)
  • Reboot device by sending hashed password
  • Configuration possible in browser
  • Audio playback, recommended not higher than 16000 samplerate (see Known Issues)
  • Hardware button to start session (if supported by device)
  • Animations when audio is played

Getting started

Matrix Voice

M5 Atom Echo

Audio Kit




MQTT commands

The ESP32 Satellite is subscribed to various topics. The topic SITEID/led, where SITEID is the name you have given the device in settings.ini, is used for commands concerning the leds on the device. When publishing to this topic, the led colors and brightness can be altered without coding and will be saved to a config file

The message can contain 10 keys:

  • brightness: integer value between 0 and 100 (%)
  • hotword_brightness: integer value between 0 and 100 (%)
  • idle: array of 4 codes: [red,green,blue,white], ranging 0-255
  • hotword: array of 4 codes: [red,green,blue,white], ranging 0-255
  • update: array of 4 codes: [red,green,blue,white], ranging 0-255
  • wifi_disconnect: array of 4 codes: [red,green,blue,white], ranging 0-255
  • wifi_connect: array of 4 codes: [red,green,blue,white], ranging 0-255
  • tts: array of 4 codes: [red,green,blue,white], ranging 0-255
  • error: array of 4 codes: [red,green,blue,white], ranging 0-255
  • animation: integer value of 0..3 (SOLID, RUNNING, PULSE, BLINK). Only if device supports it.

Example: {"brightness":20,"idle":[240,210,17,0],"hotword":[173,17,240,0]}

The topic SITEID/audio also can receive multiple commands:

  • Mute/unmute microphones: publish {"mute_input":"true"} or {"mute_input":"false"}
  • Mute/unmute playback: publishing {"mute_output":"true"} or {"mute_output":"false"}
  • Change the amp to jack/speaker: publish {"amp_output":"0"} or {"amp_output":"1"} (Only if a device supports this)
  • Adjust mic gain: publish {"gain":5}
  • Adjust volume: publish {"volume": 50} (If device supports this)

Restart the device by publishing {"passwordhash":"yourpasswordhash"} to SITEID/restart

Known issues

  • Audio playback with sample rate higher than 44100 can lead to jitter due to network. Recommended is to use a samplerate of 16000 or 22050. 44100 stereo plays a bit too slow on the Matrix Voice due to unknown issue
  • Some settings (like the colors if update via MQTT) do not survive a reboot yet

Adding devices

It is possible to add a device that has leds, microphones and/or speakers, the statemachine does not have to change for this.

Adding a device is relatively simple:

  • Update settings.ini.example and give your device a uppercase name and a number
  • Update Satellite.cpp and add a #define with the same name and number you created in the settings.
  • Create a hpp file for your device in the devices folder and implement the methods you need, see the other devices for examples.
  • Add a #ifdef in Satellite.cpp as per examples already there
  • Add needed libraries in platform.ini under lib_deps
  • Search for examples in the code or raise an issue/quastion if you need help
  • Add a "get started" md file and link it in the readme.
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