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Counter-Strike implementation in JavaScript

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Counter-Strike 1.6 implementation in JavaScript utilizing state of the art browser APIs.

Please note: I am no longer (and have not been for a long time) hacking on this project. Some stuff may still work, some stuff may not work!

Current state

  • Parses and renders .bsp files (version 30) containing map data
  • Parses and renders .mdl files (version 10) with textures
  • Camera movement, yaw and pitch fully implemented
  • Collision detection implemented
  • Naive gravity implemented

Getting started
The following files are needed in the root of the project for the game to load:

  • data/maps/cs_assault.bsp
  • data/models/v_m3.mdl
  • data/player/arctic/arctic.mdl
  • data/sounds/weapons/m3-1.wav
  • data/sprites/weapon_m3.txt

All of which can be found in your local installation of Counter Strike 1.6 if downloaded off Steam. Please note: Don't just go and fetch these files from the first hit on Google or the likes - most of these models will be modified versions which won't be parsed successfully.

Hacking on the codebase

  • A fully updated version of Chrome is recommended when hacking around in the code. (Firefox not yet supported)
  • When debugging locally use the Chrome flag: "--allow-file-access-from-files" so that Chrome can load data files from the local file system.

Commiting changes

  • Please note: No actual data (maps, models, textures, etc.) is included in the project, due to copyright reasons!


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