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Mathberet is a self-hosted digital mathematics notebook written in React and Typescript, designed for math students who need a platform for graphing, sketching, and writing in LaTeX.

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πŸ“ Mathberet (Hebrew: מַΧͺΦ°Χ‘ΦΆΦΌΧ¨ΦΆΧͺ) - A self-hosted digital mathematics notebook, written in React and built with Electron

🚧 In active development, open for contributions! 🚧

Currently works in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian and Spanish, localized using i18next. Still buggy.

:white_check_mark: Features

  • Block based drag-n-drop editor
  • Text, Math, Graph and Drawing blocks are currently available
  • LaTeX shortcuts and snippets
  • Local files can be saved and loaded from the file system
  • File tags (currently useless)
  • Command bar (currently only used for user preferences)
  • 6 color themes and light/dark theme
  • Customize LaTeX shortcuts
  • Shortcuts help menu
  • Searching from command bar
  • Adding points and polygons to graph blocks
  • Math memory sidebar (for variable assignments and quick functions)
  • Archive

:camera_flash: Screenshots




Dark theme and purple accent color


Light theme and green accent color


Command bar (Ctrl+Shift+P)


:bricks: Built With

:building_construction: Building from source

  1. Clone the repository to a folder on your machine:
git clone
  1. Run npm install in the project root folder
  2. Run npm start in the project root folder

:handshake: Contributing

We welcome any positive contribution towards our project's growth! Whether you choose to work on a listed feature or create a new one, your help is appreciated. Simply submit a Pull Request after adding your code. To ensure a smooth process, please review our CODE OF CONDUCT and read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines for further details on submitting pull requests.

Make sure to visit Mathberet's project to view our roadmap and plans, and our wiki to read the documentation!

:balance_scale: Liscense

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

:technologist: Contributors

Yonatan Magier
Yonatan Magier

πŸ€” πŸ’» 🚧 🌍 🎨
Erez Birenholz
Erez Birenholz

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« πŸ’» 🚧 🌍
Nadav Magier
Nadav Magier

πŸ’» 🚧 🌍 πŸ›‘οΈ
Ziv Nadel
Ziv Nadel

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