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Synchronizes posts from Mastodon to Twitter and back


3 months ago

Bugfix release, no new features.

  • GIF attachments to tweets are now synchronized correctly to Mastodon
  • Twitter text length is counted now correctly with Emojis and other multibyte characters
  • Escaping of usernames for posts on Twitter did not work correctly, fixed again.


4 months ago

Minor bugfix release.

  • When copying to Twitter Mastodon usernames are now escaped correctly
  • When posting image attachments with very long alt text to Twitter that is now cut off at 1000 characters as required by Twitter.


4 months ago

Minor release:

  1. When running mastodon-twitter-sync for the first time a lot of posts can get synchronized, the tool now does so in chronological order (#55)
  2. Fixed a bug where video attachments are too long for Twitter, then they are skipped.


6 months ago

Maintenance release, no new features.

  1. The Docker image is now much smaller.
  2. The dependency to OpenSSL has been removed
  3. Compiled binaries for latest Linux (Ubuntu), MacOS and Windows
  4. Fixed a crash when Mastodon audio attachments were encountered.


6 months ago


1 year ago

This release comes with small improvements during the last year:

  1. Mastodon post threads are now fully synced to Twitter
  2. A Docker image is now available to run this tool, documented in (#41)
  3. Long quote tweets that would exceed Mastodon's 500 character limit are now shortened before posting to Mastodon


2 years ago

This release comes with a new feature: synchronization of Twitter thread replies (#35)! If you reply to your own post on Twitter then your replies will by synchronized to Mastodon to make the same thread of posts. This is only implemented for the direction Twitter ==> Mastodon for now, the reverse does not exist yet.


  • Mastodon thread replies are not synchronized as standalone tweets
  • links in quote tweets are now detected correctly


2 years ago

Fixes a bug with Twitter attachment uploads.


2 years ago

Minor release. Retweets of quote tweets are now supported better in the sync functionality. The text of the quote tweet will be copied to Mastodon instead of a Twitter link.


2 years ago

Minor release with a new feature: you can now specify a hashtag (or any string) that must be included in your tweet or toot in order to be synced. Example: You post a tweet "This will also be synced to Mastodon #masto" and have the configuration option sync_hashtag = "#masto" enabled for Twitter. Then this tweet will be copied to Mastodon, but other tweets that do not contain "#masto" will not be copied.

Thanks to @gregharvey for contributing this feature!