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Fork of MarlinFW for use with Monoprice Mini Delta


4 years ago

Marlin4MPMD - v1.3.3 4/6/2018 M20 now lists folders correctly and hides hidden folders Changed dropsegments to 0 to allow for very small microstepping movements Added a "Next" entry to LCD file listing to allow selecting more than 64 files, folders are still not supported Fixed a bug where G33 would not work if towers were rotated in software Added a check for fast file upload with M34. Stay tuned for a standalone app supporting this command, transfer speeds > 20x over USB are possible... Added G28 S0 option to disable safe homing drop after homing Added support for binary-packed '.bgc' gcode files for faster file upload Added tweaks and fixes for LCD display including sending cancel/pause/resume commands to octoprint Updates for the 1.3.2 Release Candidate Fixed progress bar not updating during SD prints Fixed issues listing files on the LCD with filenames longer than 20 characters Fixed longstanding bug where M421 E would erroneously corrupt points in the bed level matrix == 0.0 Inverted G33 D flag to represent "dryrun" when enabled Added ability to change the mesh grid spacing by issuing M421 X Y. Default is 15mm Updates for the 1.3.1 Release Candidate I reverted the changes that doubled the feedrates. This was a bug related to the Lerdge board specifically and didn't apply to the MPMD. Oops. That said, there was a bug in accelerations on 16x stepper boards that has been fixed as well as a bug that prevented step rates above ~70mm/sec that was fixed, so in general things should be a little bit snappier. Updates for the 1.3.0 Release Candidate If you've made it to try out the latest 1.3.0 Release Candidate, here are some random notes. I haven't had a chance to document everything yet, so please contact me on or report an issue as you notice changes.

List of changes Rotate the towers by default to place +Y directly opposite the LCD screen and +X to the right of the LCD. Many of you had done this in hardware by swapping the cables. To go back, issue M665 X-120 Y-120 Z-120 Settings are now stored in flash instead of on the SD card. To load your old settings, just run M32 M_CFG.G followed by M500. If you get an error about the API version not matching this indicates the data in flash isn't valid and should be overwritten Fixed a bug that caused feedrates to be half of what they were programmed to. This means for the same G-code the printer will now run twice as fast (matching the stock firmware). The bug also prematurely limited the max travel speeds, you can now issue commands as fast as 150mm/s (although motors will likely start grinding at this speed). As a result, you will have to half the feed rates in your slicer settings to compensate. Added G33 command to auto calibrate the M666 settings for leveling the endstops. This may take multiple iterations to complete. Issue G33 V3 R<Radius> to set the radius to probe at and display the individual probing data. If the delta height/radius is not adjusted right, the head might crash into the bed when probing G33. To fix this issue M851 R<Raise Height> beforehand to increase the probe raise height. Mesh grids will automatically be adjusted so that the center point is 0.00 adjustment. This was done because the mesh calibration would override the delta height adjust. If your delta height is wrong (did not run G29 P0 or G29 P2) doing a G29 P1 will potentially cause the print to fail. The correct way to adjust for your first layer height is to either change your probe offset M851 Z<Offset> and issue G29 P0, or manually edit M665 H. Manually changing mesh settings is made easier by detecting if you're on a mesh adjust point when changing with M421 Z/Q. The effects are immediate so if you probe with G30, get an error of +1.2, if you issue M421 Q1.2, you should immediately be able to go to G1 Z0 and run the paper test. Obviously doesn't work if you're in between mesh probe points. Long file names should now be supported Removed M48, M290, and several other unused functions. Added M524 to abort SD prints Better handling of cancelling prints. Should not correctly trigger octoprint to stop using action commands, requires 1.3.9 or greater. Have not tested with USB printing from pronterface/repetier/cura. Hopefully fixed the errant thermal runaway triggering when heating the bed first on 5A firmware. Would like testing with high bed temps to confirm. Fixed mesh extrapolation issue noted in #16


4 years ago
  • Many reliability fixes that should hopefully prevent some of the common issues people were experiencing
    • Automatically re-initialize the SD card in case of ejecting the card unsafely
    • Automatically call M501 on powerup to restore saved settings, this requires the SD card to be present
    • Fixed issues where LCD would be unresponsive until connected by USB
    • M501 no longer triggers the LCD build menu
  • Updated the thermistor table to better match the stock firmware
  • Updated temp sensor measurement for better accuracy and performance
  • Bed switches light red when pressed
  • Added M665 D,E,F individual delta radius adjust
  • Added G29 P0,1,2 settings to enable/disable single point delta-height adjust
    • G29 P0/2 will detect incorrectly configured steps per mm and (hopefully) adjust automatically
  • Calling M421 E will now clear out non-probeable points for you before extrapolating
  • Calling G28 when above the delta clip height (approximately 107mm) will no longer drop to a safe build height to prevent crashing into tall prints that exceed the safe build height
  • Prevent thermal runaway errors when slewing the extruder after pre-heating the bed for 5A power supplies. Bed temperature will still droop significantly, so account for this before starting the print


4 years ago

Adds LCD GUI support Updates the mesh leveling routine to use a 7x7 mesh This mesh is persistent between G28 and will be saved to m_cfg.g with the M500 command Manual editing of the mesh grid is available with the M421 command, the format is as follows: M421 : displays the current mesh M421 C : clears the current mesh M421 I<X Index> J<Y Index> Z<Value> sets the mesh value at I,J to the Z value M421 I<X Index> J<Y Index> Q<Offset> adjusts the mesh value at I,J up or down by Q offset


4 years ago

Marlin4MPMD - v1.0.0 6/14/2018 This is the first release as a proof of concept that third party software can be ported to this device without altering the mainboard Performance has been comparable to the stock firmware when connected to a PC/Raspberry Pi over USB with significant improvements in the heating control and also in the interface latency.


4 years ago

Second release to address some of the limitations of the first release. Most notably:

Limited current consumption during heating to prevent overdriving the power supply and triggering a reset Immediately on reset, detect a hot extruder and pull away nozzle in case of power supply glitch or outage Added suppport for SD cards! Various reliability fixes and improvments to USB Added support for M500/M501 by saving calibration settings to M_CFG.G on the SD card