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Markdown Plus ("M+" or "mdp" for short) is a markdown editor with extra features.

Online demo:

Markdown Plus


We currently don't accept donations. The best way to support our development is to buy our apps.

Markdown Plus

Markdown Plus is available for both OS X and Windows. You get every feature of the web version plus lots of advanced features.

Markdown Mate

Markdown Mate is a markdown previewer, it's not going to replace your favorite editor but handles everything about markdown.


  • GitHub flavored markdown
  • Live preview with scroll sync
  • Source code highlight
  • Footnote
  • Table of Contents
  • Task list
  • Abbreviation
  • Custom container
  • Definition list
  • Emoji, Font Awesome icon
  • Mathematical formula, AsciiMath
  • Mermaid: Flowchart, Sequence diagram, Gantt diagram, Class diagram
  • Vim mode, Emacs mode
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Chart.js: line, bar, radar, polar area, pie, doughnut and bubble

Setup & Run

Optionally :star: this project, then:

fork it
git clone to your local
yarn install
yarn watch
open dist/index.html in your browser

How to use Markdown Plus in your projects

Please take dist/index.html as example.


  • Thanks to those who have bought our apps to support our development !
  • Thanks to all the dependent open source projects' authors !
  • Thank ASTND for designing the icon !
  • Thanks to those who have contributed by creating PRs / issues !



Copyright © 2015 - 2017 Tylingsoft


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