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Manala Collection for Ansible


The flexible, robust, and web oriented toolbox for Ansible !


Using this collection

Installing the Collection from Ansible Galaxy

Before using this collection, you need to install it with the Ansible Galaxy command-line tool:

ansible-galaxy collection install manala.roles

You can also include it in a requirements.yml file and install it with ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements.yml, using the format:

  - name: manala.roles

Note that if you install the collection from Ansible Galaxy, it will not be upgraded automatically when you upgrade the ansible package. To upgrade the collection to the latest available version, run the following command:

ansible-galaxy collection install manala.roles --upgrade

You can also install a specific version of the collection, for example, if you need to downgrade when something is broken in the latest version (please report an issue in this repository). Use the following syntax to install version 1.0.0:

ansible-galaxy collection install manala.roles:==1.0.0

Installing the Collection from Github

In case of unavailability of ansible-galaxy, we host a tar.gz of every version of our collection on github:

  • Check latest version available here
  • Use your prefered method:
    • cli:
      ansible-galaxy collection install$VERSION/manala-roles-$VERSION.tar.gz
    • requirements.yaml:
        - name:$VERSION/manala-roles-$VERSION.tar.gz
          type: url

See Ansible Using collections for more details.

Release notes

See the changelog.

Contributing to this collection

Found a bug ? Please open an issue

You can contact us here

Any kind of contribution is very welcome, you can submit pull requests here

This collection uses molecule, ansible-lint, and ansible-test for linting and testing roles.

All of these tools are available through the excellent ansible-toolset docker image.

Open a docker shell

make sh

Execute a molecule converge over a role, with or without a specific tag

molecule converge -s [role]
molecule converge -s [role] -- -t [tag]

Launch sanity tests (first time with --requirements)

ansible-test sanity --python 3.9 --requirements
ansible-test sanity --python 3.9

Launch units tests (first time with --requirements) over a specific file or not

ansible-test units --python 3.9 --requirements
ansible-test units --python 3.9
ansible-test units --python 3.9 tests/unit/plugins/lookup/


This collection is distributed under the MIT license.

See LICENSE to see the full text.

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