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At Made Tech we want to positively impact the future of the country by using technology to improve society. We work with public sector organisations to modernise technology and accelerate digital delivery so that citizens can benefit from better public services.

We're building an open and transparent company across the UK, full of people who are passionate about their work, who always strive to be better, who love to help others grow and who care about using digital and technology to create a better, fairer society.

This Handbook should be the starting point for any new team members. It provides an overview of why we exist, our roles, our investment into staff welfare, our team norms, and details of our processes, policies and benefits.

Contributing to our Handbook

We're a company that moves fast, so we're going to need everyone to help us keep this up to date. If you encounter something that you think should be in this Handbook or spot a typo, please feel free to open a pull request. If you have a question feel free to open an issue. This applies whether you're a Made Tech employee or not :)

For more information on contributing, including how to as a non-technical user, read our

Table of contents

Introduction to Made Tech


Benefits & Perks

Balancing life and work:

Making work as fabulous as possible:

  • ? Work Ready – We'll buy you a Macbook, ergonomic equipment, books, conferences, training, and more
  • ? Learning – We provide flexible learning time to develop yourself
  • ?️ Friday Lunches – We randomly match up colleagues and new starters every Friday and pay for lunch
  • ? Getting Together – We pay for social drinks on a Friday

Compensating you fairly:


Guides & Resources







Communities of Practice

☁️ Cloud and Engineering

  • ? Book Club - Check out what we're reading / have read!
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