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String i18n utilities for the Go Programming Language

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About polyglot

polyglot is a String translation package and tool for Go.


Make sure you have a working Go installation. See Getting Started

Now run go get github.com/lxn/polyglot and go get github.com/lxn/polyglot/polyglot.

How does it work?

  1. It's pretty simple. Wrap translatable strings in your code in a call to a func tr(source string, context ...string) string, e.g. tr("bla"). You have to provide this function for every package you wish to use polyglot from.
  2. After adding new translatable strings to your code, run the polyglot command, which scans your Go code for calls to a tr function. It will create or update JSON .tr files, adding new translatable strings that it finds.
  3. Translate the strings.

Please see the hellopolyglot example for more details.

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