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Zero-Config Spectacle Keybindings for Hammerspoon


3 years ago


3 years ago

This release focuses on two new features that were added by @jokajak: permitting objects outside of Lunette to call the window resizer API directly, and adding the SpoonInstaller configuration.


4 years ago

Minor bugfixes and improvements:

  • use integer division instead of math.floor (@shayneholmes)
  • fix issue with stuck bottom corner calculations (@shayneholmes)
  • permit multiple mappings per keybinding (@davidosomething)
  • add gitignore
  • add release checklist


5 years ago

The first release of Lunette is intended to surface any minor bugs that may exist, as well as add documentation.

This release implements all of the Spectacle keybindings, which will be used as a foundation for later releases.