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LuaRPC for Lua 5.1.x

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Lua-RPC is a Lua library to allow simple remote procedure calling. That is, a Lua script running on one machine can call functions from a script that is running on another machine.

This is version 0.3, a pre-alpha release.

The goal of this project is to create an RPC module for Lua that is both simple and light on resource usage. In addition, the module intends to maintain separation between the actual RPC protocol and the underlying mechanism that transmits bytes between client and server. This is done in order to enable the use of the protocol over a variety of link types including sockets and RS-232.


In order to build the module, just type:

Serial Mode: make serial

TCP/IP (Socket) Mode: make socket

NOTE: If you switch between these configurations, make sure to do a make clean between, as it seems to think the target is up to date from the previous build.

This should succeed if you have Lua already installed on a Linux or Mac OS X system. If it does not succeed, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Windows support is somewhat implemented, though not yet ready.


The result of the build is a .so file that within a Lua script, one should be able to simply do a:


with the module in the Lua path, and use the module as suggested in test-client.lua and test-server.lua.

Ensure that your scripts reflect the type of enabled "transport" in use.


Russell L. Smith (2001): Original work and project:

James Snyder (2009+):

  • Port to Lua 5.x
  • "transport" abstraction
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