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Loris IIIF Image Server


2 years ago

Release v3.2.0 had an incorrect loris version. That's fixed in this new release - no other changes.


2 years ago

In this minor release, we update default file/directory/... naming to use "loris" instead of "loris2". Please check your configuration when you deploy this new release.


3 years ago

This release drops support for Python 2.7, which went out-of-support at the end of 2019. Loris is now Python 3 only.


  • Loris now supports downloading images as tif. To enable this, add "tif" to your transforms.target_formats setting. Thanks @cbutcosk for the patch! (#427)
  • Loris now allows decimal points in the size parameter, e.g. pct:12.5. Thanks @lutzhelm for the patch! (#445)
  • Loris uses the image identifier to set a Content-Disposition header in responses. This will cause browsers to download images with a more meaningful filename. (#476)


  • Loris no longer hangs if the Kakadu or OpenJPEG transformation process gets stuck. (#442)

There are some changes to the way caches are laid out. Caches will need to be rebuilt, but this should happen automatically as users request images from Loris.


5 years ago

This release contains a single bug fix (#425).

Previously, trying to install Loris with pip 10 would fail with an ImportError; this allows installing Loris with pip 10. If you’re not using pip 10, there is no reason to upgrade.


5 years ago

This release contains a single bug fix (#418).

Previously, if you tried to request a PNG with transparency as a non-transparent format (e.g. JPEG), Loris would return a 500 error. Now it converts the image to RGB before returning. Thanks to @dpancic for reporting the issue.


5 years ago

This release fixes some bugs for installing Loris in Python 3 with setup.py (see #410).


5 years ago

This release:

  • Adds support for Python 3
  • Allows asterisks and pipes in identifiers (thanks @giorgiosironi and @bcail, see #381 and #389)
  • Fixes a bug where Loris would ignore the proxy_path setting in the Link header (thanks @bcail, see #395)
  • Fixes a bug in the InfoCache that caused it to be smaller than expected (thanks @bnbalsamo, see #396)

This release adds a new dependency on attrs.


6 years ago

Thanks to @azaroth42 for IIIF Auth support, and @alexwlchan for improving tests.


6 years ago

Not completely IIIF Image API 2.1 compliant (no support for max and related features), this release includes several bugfixes and new efficiencies in routing and resolving. Thanks to @bcail and 19 others! for the heavy lifting!.


7 years ago

The is a pre-release that adds several features to the resolvers, and a handful of bugfixes. It does not implement all IIIF 2.1 features yet--don't be fooled by the version number.