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1 month ago

[feature] Allow users to individually refresh a specific layer (or multiple layers) in Lookin, thereby avoiding slow global refresh. This feature requires upgrading Lookin software to version 1.0.7 or higher.

[feature] 允许用户在 Lookin 中单独刷新某一个图层(或某几个图层),从而避免缓慢的全局刷新。该 Feature 需要将 Lookin 软件升级至 1.0.7 或更高版本。


3 months ago

[feature] 自定义属性支持了 CGRect、JSON 等更多的类型,详见 Demo 项目中的 DogLayer.m 或 BirdView.swift(需配合使用最新的 Lookin v1.0.5)

[feature] Custom property now supports more types such as CGRect, JSON, etc. For more details, please refer to DogLayer.m or BirdView.swift in the Demo project. (requires the latest Lookin v1.0.5).


4 months ago

[bugfix] Lookin 可能搜索不到 iOS 侧设备 [feature] 允许在 iOS 项目中通过代码动态查询集成的 LookinServer 版本号:https://bytedance.larkoffice.com/docx/TQTWdYCFuo35QGx2wTecJGZPnIh

[bugfix] Lookin may fail to search for iOS devices. [feature] Allow dynamically querying the integrated LookinServer version in iOS projects: https://bytedance.larkoffice.com/docx/TQTWdYCFuo35QGx2wTecJGZPnIh


5 months ago

Note: To use the features mentioned in this update, you must update the Lookin software on the macOS side to the latest version 1.0.4.

[feature] Allows users to configure custom properties, tutorial: https://bytedance.larkoffice.com/docx/TRridRXeUoErMTxs94bcnGchnlb [feature] Allows users to expand the search scope of member variables, tutorial: https://bytedance.larkoffice.com/docx/CKRndHqdeoub11xSqUZcMlFhnWe [feature] Added UIStackView property panel [bugfix] Under certain operation paths, Lookin may not be able to search for iOS App [bugfix] Fixed some crashes

注意:要使用本次更新提到的功能,必须把 macOS 端的 Lookin 软件更新至最新的 1.0.4 版本。

[feature] 允许用户配置自定义属性,教程:https://bytedance.larkoffice.com/docx/TRridRXeUoErMTxs94bcnGchnlb [feature] 允许用户扩大成员变量的搜索范围,教程:https://bytedance.larkoffice.com/docx/CKRndHqdeoub11xSqUZcMlFhnWe [feature] 增加了 UIStackView 属性面板 [bugfix] 某些操作路径下,Lookin 可能搜索不到 iOS App [bugfix] 修复了一些 Crash


5 months ago

[bugfix] In a Swift project, reloading Lookin may cause the iOS app to crash. The crash occurs because the lks_ivarTraces method cannot be found. [remove] Removed the "Local 2D/3D Inpect on mobile device" feature as it has limited usefulness and increases maintenance costs.

[bugfix] 在 Swift 项目中,刷新 Lookin 可能导致 iOS App 发生 Crash。Crash 原因是找不到 lks_ivarTraces 方法。 [remove] 移除了“在手机上查看 2D/3D 布局”的功能,因为用处不大,并且增加维护成本。


6 months ago

[bugfix] fix UIGraphicsBeginImageContext crash when you have a zero-size CALayer on iOS 17

[bugfix] 在 iOS 17 上,当某个 CALayer 的 size 为 0 时,刷新 Lookin 有可能 Crash 在 UIGraphicsBeginImageContext 方法上


6 months ago

[bugfix] fix UIGraphicsBeginImageContext crash when you have a zero-size UIWindow on iOS 17

[bugfix] 在 iOS 17 上,当某个 UIWindow 的 size 为 0 时,刷新 Lookin 可能 Crash 在 UIGraphicsBeginImageContext 方法上


7 months ago

[fix] Add 'SwiftAndNoHook' subpsec

[fix] 添加了 ‘SwiftAndNoHook’ 这个 subspec


7 months ago

[optimize] 去除了大部分的 Runtime Hook 代码,从而增强代码的稳定性、避免未知风险 [feature] 增加了 "NoHook" 这个 Subspec。如果业务使用了这个 Subspec,则所有 Hook 代码都会被移除。但代价是你将失去“查看 UIImageView 里的 UIImage 名字”以及“查看和修改 UIVisualEffectView 的 style 属性“这两个 Feature

[optimize] Removed most of the Runtime Hook code to enhance code stability and avoid unknown risks. [feature] Added a "NoHook" Subspec. If this Subspec is used in the project, all Hook code will be removed. However, the trade-off is that you will lose the features of "viewing the name of UIImage inside UIImageView" and "viewing and modifying the style property of UIVisualEffectView".


7 months ago

[bugfix] Lookin 中可能无法渲染 ScrollView 的某些 subviews 的图像 [bugfix] 在 Xcode 15 Beta 5 中无法通过 SPM 集成 LookinServer [bugfix] 调试第三方 App 时,Lookin 可能把所有 UIView 都显示为 CALayer

[bugfix] Some subviews in UIScrollView may not be rendered correctly. [bugfix] Compile error when integrating LookinServer via SPM in Xcode 15 beta15 [bugfix] UIView my be rendered as CALayer.