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This is the PHP Client and PHP API for accessing the Loklak API It contains a series of calls that could be directly used for the requested JSON responses

This library is bundled with Requests library in PHP keeping it standalone and works by just plugging it into the lib/ folder.

This is intended to be the generic PHP request library to loklak for integration into PHP websites and CMS frameworks like wordpress, drupal, joomla etc..,

How to run PHPUnit tests?

*AMP Solution Stack or Command Line Users

Install PHPUnit using phar or composer. Refer to this for installation details.

Once PHPUnit is installed, open XAMPP shell(for Windows users) / Terminal (for Ubuntu/Mac Users). Go to project root and type the following command: phpunit Tests This will execute all tests in Tests directory.

##Wordpress plugin developers

To include loklak API support to your plugin. Follow the undermentioned steps:

  1. Add loklak_php_api submodule to your plugin directory
    git submodule add https://github.com/loklak/loklak_php_api.git

  2. Include loklak settings in your plugin settings option_page

        settings_fields( 'loklak-settings' );
        do_settings_sections( 'loklak-settings' );
  3. Include Lib/loklak-api-admin.php and loklak.php in your plugin logic files as need be.

  4. Loklak settings are stored as an array (loklak-settings) in your wordpress database.

##Plugins with Loklak Integration

The complete list of Wordpress plugins with Loklak Integration is present here.

To test the plugins, refer to this sample wordpress installation.

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