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Open in GitPod Uptime License: MIT GitHub release (latest by date)


  • To add your profile use the main branch
  • To add new features use nextjs as we are migrating from React to NextJS


Your profile will need to be deployed to appear, we try to collect a few together before deploying


A note for Hacktoberfest participants: Pull requests which add or edit your information in a public/data/${yourname}.json file will NOT be counted for Hacktoberfest.

Pull requests which improve the codebase, documentation, or other aspects of the project and are in line with the core values of the event will count. Maintainers will opt-in these PRs by applying the hacktoberfest-accepted label.

LinkFree by EddieHub

  • LinkFree connects audiences to all of your content with just one link. It is an open-source alternative to Linktree implemented in JavaScript.
  • It was initially created on a YouTube live stream.

Eddie Jaoude's LinkFree profile GIF

Example using Gitpod, ephemeral dev environment in the cloud (free)

Gitpod GIF with progress bar

?‍? Demo

Check out the website:

? Prerequisites

Before contributing or adding a new feature, please make sure you have already installed the following tools:

?️ Installation Steps

  1. Fork the project
  2. Clone the project by running git clone<your-username>/LinkFree.git
  3. Navigate to the project directory cd LinkFree
  4. Install dependencies with npm ci
  5. Run npm start
  6. Optional: Run the tests with npm run cypress:run

Warning: After adding your profile, you'll not see it on the home page; you can see your profile in the main menu by running the command npm run generate.

Alternatively, skip all the steps by using Gitpod Ready-to-Code

?‍? Contributing

  • Contributions make the open source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create.
  • Any contributions you make are truly appreciated.
  • Check out our contribution guidelines for more information.

? To Add Your Profile

Create a file named using your GitHub username username.json in the directory public/data, this will ensure it is unique.

Optional fields: links, milestones and type(personal | community)
Looking for inspiration? You can view the following profiles for an example:

Your brand new file should look something similar to this one:

Note: add/remove links objects to customise your profile, milestones are optional

  "name": "YOUR NAME",
  "type": "personal",
  "bio": "Open Source Enthusiast!",
  "avatar": "",
  "links": [
      "name": "Follow me on GitHub",
      "url": "",
      "icon": "github"
      "name": "Follow me on Twitter",
      "url": "",
      "icon": "twitter"
  "milestones": [
      "title": "Started Freelancing",
      "date": "December 2021",
      "icon": "dollar",
      "color": "grey",
      "description": "Started freelancing",
      "url": ""

Your URL will be<yourusername>

For example:

To include your avatar, You just have to replace <yourusername> with your github username in the format of<yourusername>.png and it will automatically be fetched from github account.

For example:

Note: after your PR is merged, the project still needs to be deployed for your profile to be displayed

A simple gif version of adding your profile

Linkfree adding profile GIF

Available Icons:

Check for all the supported icons.

Single user mode

If you wish to self-host this app for a single user, follow the same steps as above, but then in the file src/config/user.json add your username.

For example

  "username": ""

?️ License

LinkFree is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

? Thanks to all Contributors

Thanks a lot for spending your time helping LinkFree grow. Thanks a lot! Keep rocking ?


? Support

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