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Simple C# console application that will crawl the given webpage for broken image-tags and hyperlinks. The result of this will be written to output. Right now we have these outputs: console, csv, slack.


Because it could be useful to know when a webpage you have responsibility for displays broken links to it's users. I have this running continuously, but you don't have to. For instance, after upgrading your CMS, changing database-scheme, migrating content etc, it can be relevant to know if this did or did not not introduce broken links. Just run this tool one time and you will know exactly how many links are broken, where they link to, and where they are located.


Clone repo :point_right: open solution in Visual Studio :point_right: build :facepunch:

AppVeyor is used as CI, so when code is pushed to this repo the solution will get built and all tests will be run.

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Key Usage
BaseUrl Base url for site to crawl
SuccessHttpStatusCodes HTTP status codes that are considered "successful". Example: "1xx,2xx,302,303"
CheckImages If true, <img src=".." will be checked
ValidUrlRegex Regex to match valid urls
Slack.WebHook.Url Url to the slack webhook. If empty, it will not try to send message to slack
Slack.WebHook.Bot.Name Custom name for slack bot
Slack.WebHook.Bot.IconEmoji Custom Emoji for slack bot
OnlyReportBrokenLinksToOutput If true, only broken links will be reported to output.
Slack.WebHook.Bot.MessageFormat String format message that will be sent to slack
Csv.FilePath File path for the CSV file
Csv.Overwrite Whether to overwrite or append (if file exists)
Csv.Delimiter Delimiter between columns in the CSV file (like ',' or ';')
PrintSummary If true, a summary will be printed when all links have been checked.

Ther also is a <outputProviders> that controls what output should be used.

Output to file

LinkCrawler.exe >> crawl.log will save output to file. Slack

Output to slack

If configured correctly, the defined slack-webhook will be notified about broken links. Slack

##How I use it I have it running as an Webjob in Azure, scheduled every 4 days. It will notify the slack-channel where the editors of the website dwells.

Creating a webjob is simple. Just put your compiled project files (/bin/) inside a .zip, and upload it. Slack

Schedule it.


The output of a webjob is available because Azure saves it in log files. Slack

Read more about Azure Webjobs:

Read more about Slack incoming webhooks:

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