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Brave for Android (formerly Link Bubble)

##Install instructions and setup

git clone [email protected]:brave/browser-android.git

Either install the Crashlytics/Fabric Android Studio plugin or copy Application/LinkBubble/ to Application/LinkBubble/ and fill in the apiSecret.

Copy Application/LinkBubble/src/main/java/com/linkbubble/ to Application/LinkBubble/src/main/java/com/linkbubble/ and fill in the youtube apiSecret.

Copy Application/LinkBubble/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml.template to Application/LinkBubble/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml and fill in com.crashlytics.ApiKey and io.fabric.ApiKey with your Crashlytics API key. You can obtain it from logging into your Fabric account and going to: Settings -> Organizations -> Brave (or your organization) then click on API Key at the top.

npm install


Open ./Application/ in Android Studio and build. You'll need the NDK installed if you don't already have it, instructions below.

##Building release build

Copy to


If you get an error about similar to:


Try uninstalling the application which already exists on your plugged in device.

##Installing the NDK

Android Studio has an easy way to download and link to the NDK.

In the menu navigate to File, Project Structure. Click the 'Download Android NDK' link. This should download and unzip the NDK, as well as link it inside of

If you are not using Android Studio, reference this commit:

##Telling about new strings

  1. Periodically upload the file ./Application/LinkBubble/src/main/res/values/strings.xml to will determine which strings are new
  2. When prompted on, press the mark for retranslation (or keep existing) for changed strings.

##Getting new translated strings from

  1. Install npm dependencies with npm install.
  2. Run npm run translate <username> <password> to pull down the translated xml files.
  3. Commit and push your change.

Remember to uncomment checkStrings from MainApplication and call it in onCreate to make sure the pulled files don't cause crashes with format specifiers.


If you don't have adb in your path add it to your ~/.bash_profile or similar file:

export PATH=/Users/<your-username>/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools:$PATH

  • Installing an apk onto your device:
    adb install -r ./LinkBubble/build/outputs/apk/LinkBubble-playstore-release.apk
  • Getting a list of devices: adb devices
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