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Lightning Design System and React Reference Application

This repository is the home of Lightning Realty, a reference application built with React and the Lightning Design System.

Check out this video for a quick walkthrough:


The back-end is built with Node.js using a Postgres database.

Automatic Deployment to Heroku

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the Heroku Dashboard

  2. Click the Button below to deploy the application on Heroku.


Your own instance of the application is automatically deployed, and your own Postgres database is populated with sample data.

Local Installation

Follow the instructions below if you prefer to install the application on your local machine:

  1. Install Postgres locally and create a database called realty.

  2. Clone this repository or download and unzip this zip file.

  3. Navigate to the lightning-react-app directory and install the project dependencies:

    npm install
  4. Open server/config.js and make sure the databaseURL matches your configuration (use your user name)

  5. Type the following command to build the client application:

    npm run webpack

    The project is written using ECMAScript 6 including ECMAScript 6 modules.

  6. Type the following command to start the server:

    npm start

    The database is automatically populated

  7. Open a browser and access http://localhost:5000

Work in Progress

This project is work in progress. For example, here are some items that still need work:

  • Make components more robust and general purpose
  • Create more components
  • Fix React keys throughout the project
  • Improved navigation system
  • etc.
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