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libX11 - Core X11 protocol client library

Documentation for this library can be found in the included man pages, and in the Xlib spec from the specs subdirectory, also available at:

and the O'Reilly Xlib books, which they have made freely available online, though only for older versions of X11:

All questions regarding this software should be directed at the Xorg mailing list:

The primary development code repository can be found at:

Please submit bug reports and requests to merge patches there.

For patch submission instructions, see:

Release 1.8.3

  • Improved handling of reentering libX11 via X*IfEvent() calls (!171, !173)
  • Fix loading of en_US.UTF-8/XLC_LOCALE (#167, !174)
  • Add XFreeThreads() and automatic call from a destructor function when thread-safety-constructor is enabled (!167).
  • Address issues found by UBSan and AddressSanitizer
  • Fix build with older gcc versions (!169)

Release 1.8.2

  • Allow X*IfEvent() to reenter libX11 to avoid deadlock from unsafe calls when thread-safety-constructor is enabled (!150).
  • Remove Xlib's pthread function stubs - instead use system provided threads functions, including linking against any needed pthread libraries if thread-safety-constructor is enabled (!155, !156).
  • Fix off-by-one error in XKeycodeToKeysym for indexes > 3 (!78).
  • Allow XNSpotLocation with OnTheSpot (!127).
  • Fix Win32 build when -fno-common is in effect (!140).
  • Fix memory leak in XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback (!158).
  • Add compose sequences for the double-struck capitals ℕ ℤ ℚ ℝ ℂ (!144), the Samogitian E with dot above and macron (!147), Unicode minus sign (!163).
  • Change <Compose> <^> <-> to mean superscript minus instead of macron (!162).
  • Delete compose sequences that mix top-row digits with numpad digits (!139) or mix upper & lower case letters (!144).
  • Delete some unuseful compose sequences meant for Bépo layout (!146).
  • Delete compose sequences using leftcaret & rightcaret keysyms (!163).
  • Remove KOI8-R character set from en_US.UTF-8/XLC_LOCALE (!148).
  • Map sr locales to sr_RS compose files (!161).

Release 1.8.1

  • Fix --enable-thread-safety-constructor configure option

Release 1.8

  • Add --enable-thread-safety-constructor configure option (default: enabled) to call XInitThreads() from the library's constructor, thus enabling thread-safety and locking by default. This may expose bugs in clients which did not follow documented rules for calling libX11 functions.
  • Fix Ethopian (am_ET.UTF-8) compose sequences.
  • Remove 8 compose sequences that generated the input symbols.
  • Add compose seuences for abovedot (<period> <space>), diaeresis (<quotedbl> <space>), and ogonek (<semicolon> <space>).

Release 1.7.5

  • Avoids a segfault when an invalid name is used for opening a display.

Release 1.7.4

  • Fixes the "Unknown sequence number" error by allowing backward jumps in the sequence number when widening it.
  • Any changes to virtual modifiers get propagated properly.
  • Greek case-conversion tables were updated to Unicode Data 14.0.
  • Compose sequences for ☮ 🄯 ⇐ ⇑ ⇓ were added, being the following: OY, ()), =<, =^, and =v.
  • Hammer-and-sickle can be composed with question mark plus backslash.

Release 1.7.3

  • Fixes a hanging issue in _XReply() where the replying thread would wait for an event when another thread was already waiting for one.
  • Avoids a crash when the X connection gets broken while closing down.

Release 1.7.2

This is a bug fix release, correcting a regression introduced by and improving the checks from the fix for CVE-2021-31535.

Release 1.7.1

This is a bug fix release, including a security fix for CVE-2021-31535, nls and documentation corrections.

  • Reject string longer than USHRT_MAX before sending them on the wire
  • Fix out-of-bound access in KeySymToUcs4()
  • nls: allow composing all breved letters also with a lowercase "u"
  • nls: add 'C.utf8' as an alias for 'en_US.UTF-8'
  • Nroff code fixes
  • Comments fixes

Release 1.7.0

Version 1.7.0 includes a new API, hence the change from the 1.6 series to 1.7:

  • XSetIOErrorExitHandler which provides a mechanism for applications to recover from I/O error conditions instead of being forced to exit. Thanks to Carlos Garnacho for this.

This release includes a bunch of bug fixes, some of which have been pending for over three years:

  • A bunch of nls cleanups to remove obsolete entries and clean up formatting of the list. Thanks to Benno Schulenberg for these.

  • Warning fixes and other cleanups across a huge swath of the library. Thanks to Alan Coopersmith for these.

  • Memory allocation bugs, including leaks and use after free in the locale code. Thanks to Krzesimir Nowak, Jacek Caban and Vittorio Zecca for these.

  • Thread safety fixes in the locale code. Thanks to Jacek Caban for these.

  • poll_for_response race condition fix. Thanks to Frediano Ziglio for the bulk of this effort, and to Peter Hutterer for careful review and improvements.

Version 1.7.0 includes a couple of new locales:

  • ia and ie locales. Thanks to Carmina16 for these.

There are also numerous compose entries added, including:

  • |^ or ^| for ↑, |v or v| for ↓, ~~ for ≈. Thanks to Antti Savolainen for this.

  • Allowing use of 'v' for caron, in addition to 'c', so things like vC for Č, vc for č. Thanks to Benno Schulenberg for this.

  • Compose sequences LT, lt for '<', and GT, gt for '>' for keyboards where those are difficult to access. Thanks to Jonathan Belsewir for this.

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