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Write-Optimized and High-Performance Hashing Index Scheme for Persistent Memory (OSDI 2018, TOS 2019)

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Level Hashing

Level hashing is a write-optimized and high-performance hashing index scheme for persistent memory, with low-overhead consistency guarantee and cost-efficient resizing. Level hashing provides a sharing-based two-level hash table, which achieves a constant-scale search/insertion/deletion/update time complexity in the worst case and rarely incurs extra NVM writes. To guarantee the consistency with low overhead, level hashing leverages log-free consistency schemes for insertion, deletion, and resizing operations, and an opportunistic log-free scheme for update operation. To cost-efficiently resize this hash table, level hashing leverages an in-place resizing scheme that only needs to rehash 1/3 of buckets instead of the entire table, thus significantly reducing the number of rehashed buckets and improving the resizing performance.
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Directory Description

  • level_hashing: The code for single-threaded level hashing, run in DRAM platform.
  • concurrent_level_hashing: The code for concurrent level hashing, run in DRAM platform.
  • persistent_level_hashing: The code for persistent level hashing, run in the simulated NVM platform, i.e., Quartz.


If you have any questions about level hashing, please feel free to contact me.
Email: [email protected]
Homepage: https://pfzuo.github.io/

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