Letsencrypt Siteextension Versions Save

Azure Web App Site Extension for easy installation and configuration of Let's Encrypt issued SSL certifcates for custom domain names.


1 year ago

#382 Fix for the new LE cert names, now the web jobs should automatically renew certificates again. Thanks @jaykay-design for PR.


2 years ago

#348 Ensures that the site extension is not configured without the necessary connection string for the web jobs to function.

#338 Bumped Bootstrap version


2 years ago

The 1.0.1 release had a few issues with missing DLLS and poor logging when the Challenge failed. This release fixes that.

Please ensure to update, as the webjobs don't work properly in 1.0.1.


2 years ago

Fix for #331

I removed the old library used for talking to the Let's Encrypt API and replaced it with Certes. Thus the app now uses the v2 API.

In the process I have refactored the code, so that this site extension no longer supports the DNS challenge response.


3 years ago

attempt to fix #303 and #305


3 years ago

#299 #297 #292


3 years ago

This release solves #239


3 years ago

#290 , #254


3 years ago

Fix for #287


3 years ago

This version contains updates to all packages such that most 3rd party assemblies now are up-to-date.

Was released to fix #285