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Brad's Vagrant LAMP Dev Environment

Before moving ahead with this starter environment you'll need to have a few things installed on your computer:

  • VirtualBox - Free tool that allows you to run virtual machines on your computer.
  • Vagrant - Free tool that automates the creation of development environments within a virtual machine.

Once you've installed VirtualBox and Vagrant on your computer you're ready to continue:

  1. Open a command-line (Terminal on Mac, PowerShell or Git Bash on Windows)
  2. cd into this project's root folder
  3. Run vagrant up
  4. Go grab a coffee, it will take a few minutes
  5. Once it completes you'll need to edit your computer's hosts file to point fictional-university.test to our virtual machine. On Windows your host file lives in C/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc on Mac your hosts file lives in /etc
  6. Add this line at the bottom of your hosts file: fictional-university.test
  7. Now you can visit fictional-university.test in any browser. The root of this project is /fictional-university/app

Database Info

An initial database is automatically created for you.

Database name: dbname

Database user: dbuser

User Password: 123

Database hostname: localhost

Managing Databases

This box does not include PhpMyAdmin. Instead I recommend using Seqeul Pro (on Mac) and HeidiSQL (on Windows). Here are the settings you can use to connect.

MySQL Host:

Username: dbuser

Password: 123

SSH Host:

SSH User: vagrant

SSH Key: point towards the file that lives in our project folder under puphpet/files/dot/ssh/id_rsa

Automated Workflow (PostCSS, webpack, BrowserSync, etc...)

That's technically all you need to get your LAMP development environment up and running. However, my setup also leverages a few workflow tools. If you'd like to take full advantage of my setup you'll also want to install:

  • Node & NPM - Node is a free tool that can run JavaScript outside the context of a web browser.
  • webpack - Free tool that bundles up multiple files.
  • Gulp - Free task-runner tool. No longer the cool kid on the block (webpack owns that title now) but I still prefer Gulp for generic task running and non-bundle'ish tasks.
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