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Code samples for the book Learning React Native.

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Code samples for the book Learning React Native. You can get the book from Amazon. More info about the book is available from O'Reilly.

How to use

As of Release 2.0.0, full project code is not included. Instead, the relevant JavaScript files for each example are provided. You'll want to create your own React Native project, either by using create-react-native-app or react-native init.

Some projects are not compatible with Expo apps (i.e. those created with create-react-native-app). If you are using an Expo-based app, you will need to eject in order to use those projects.


Release 2.0.0 contains code samples from the second edition of Learning React Native.

Release 1.0.0 is the next version, updated to use React Native version 0.26.3. This version also uses more ES2015-style JavaScript idioms, when appropriate; most notably consistent ES6-style classes and module definitions. The PlatformSpecific project remains at version 0.0.1, due to the example's incompatibility with React Native 0.26.3.

Release 0.0.1 contains code samples as published in Learning React Native. The versions of React Native used in each project vary; most use React Native 0.11.x.

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Questions, comments, or feedback? I'm @brindelle on Twitter.

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