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Creating larger Neural-Style images through automated tiling. The idea for the script comes from a combination of techniques discovered by SwoosHkiD/bododge and ProGamerGov which was posted on the Neural-Style Wiki.


You should have Neural-Style first!

And ImageMagick, install it with:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick


Copy this script to neural-style directory, then run: input_file style_file

Or if you are using the 2x2 tile version, run: input_file style_file

If you face a permission error, try using chmod to fix the issue:

chmod u+x ./

chmod u+x ./

How It Works

1. Generate The First Output Image:

It is recommended that you change the Neural-Style parameters for both the original and tile commands to your linking. It is recommened that the iteration value for the tiles is set at a lower value to ensure they remain similar. The -save_iter command can be used, but it may require manual editing of file names for the tiles to work.

2. Split The Initial Output Image Into Tiles:

Imagemagick is used to divide your first Neural-Style output image into a series of overlapping cropped images.

3. Run The Tiles Through Neural-Style To Increase Their Quality And Size:

The same Neural-Style parameters are then used to "U-Pres" the overlapping crop pieces, resulting in a higher resolution output.

4. Feather The Tiles:

Feathering is used to blend the overlapping cropped tiles that have gone through Neural-Style in order to increase their resoltuion. Feathering values can be manipulated in order to find the best values for blending the tiles together.

5. Merge The Feathered And Non-feathered Tiles Into Separate Outputs:

The feathered tiles are put back together into an image that is larger than your original Neural-Style output image.

6. Layer The Feathered Image Above the Non-feathered Image:

This is done to disguise the feathering that is done to blend the tiles together.

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