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Simple Laravel 5/Angular app that shows how to use the most basic JWT authentication

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Laravel 5 / Angular example with JSON Web Token authentication

This is a basic Laravel 5 app that shows how to use the most basic JWT authentication.


This app is not meant to be used in Production environment.
It's a very basic example, that lacks any kind of input validation, handling of expired tokens, local storage fallback to cookies or any other storage.


  • Clone the repository (git clone [email protected]:ttkalec/laravel5-angular-jwt.git)
  • Use Laravel Homestead
  • SSH in to your Homestead Vagrant box
  • Run php composer install to install the dependencies (get composer here)
  • Run php artisan vendor:publish to publish JWT and CORS packages config files
  • Run php artisan migrate to migrate the database
  • Follow Jwt-auth and Laravel-cors in order to config your dependencies
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