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A Laravel package making a diagram of your models, relations and the ability to build them with it

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Laravel Schematics

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This package allows you to make multiple diagrams of your Eloquent models and their relations. It will help building them providing drag and drop relations, forms to create and edit your models and many options like adding resource controllers, form requests and running migrations by the click of a button or (configurable) automatically. It also will give you insights in the migrations you ran and the ones specified in your migrations folder.

Schematics Example

Its aim is to help you (and your team) get more grip on the models from a code perspective, the status of your migrations and build / edit them faster.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require mtolhuys/laravel-schematics --dev

Run php artisan schematics:install which will do the route caching, create vendor assets in your public folder and setup the configuration file.


php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Mtolhuys\LaravelSchematics\LaravelSchematicsServiceProvider"

and visit {your-app}/schematics


Starting out / Searching

If you already have a lot of models I recommend you use the search bar to narrow down the diagrams into specific sections f.e:

Schematics Example

These searches are saved across your diagrams.


When you drag and drop the arrow to another model you'll get a form to specify the relation you want to build f.e:

Clicking on them will show something like:

Relation Example

Building / Editing Models

To specify the types of your columns I've chosen the form request rule syntax. To see what's available you can click the little help icon below the fields in the model form:

Fields Explanation

The package is flexible enough to differentiate between renaming and changing column types. It will create migrations according the need to change or create a table and setup your $fillables. I do strongly suggest you check the migrations before running them if the stakes are high.

You don't have to worry about existing migrations though, the package will only look for migrations it created itself by checking the value of the @tag in the comment it adds. It looks like this:

 * Laravel Schematics
 * WARNING: removing @tag value will disable automated removal
 * @package Laravel-schematics
 * @author  Maarten Tolhuijs <[email protected]>
 * @url
 * @tag     laravel-schematics-foobar-model

Changing Diagram Style

There are 4 diagram styles. Bezier, Straight, Flowchart and State Machine:

Importing / Exporting Diagrams

To save and / or share the diagrams you created you can use the export and import settings feature:


You can run the tests with:

composer test

Or, optionally, with coverage information:

composer test-coverage


Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


This package is possible because of the effort and time of these people! ✨

Maarten Tolhuijs


Deisi Tolhuijs


Dennis Mwea


Robbin Schepers


Bram van Rijswijk


Lucas Snel



Since I'm getting some questions about this I want these things to be perfectly clear:

  • This is a safe haven for contributions, every (positive) contributon matters!
  • You are free (and encouraged) to use anything of this package for your own ideas.
  • You can always ask for help or email me directly for any questions.

Please see CONTRIBUTING for further details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email [email protected] instead of using the issue tracker.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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