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Laravel Learning Path

This repository contains the ordered list of Laravel topics to learn, step-by-step, with related links.

If you want to add a topic, link, or any other suggestion, please open Issues or Pull Requests.

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Beginner Level

Create your very first simple Laravel project

Link icons: :book: Official Docs :clapper: Video :page_facing_up: Article :capital_abcd: Course :question: Test

Topic Learning Links
Routing and Controllers: Basics :question: Let's Test Your Laravel Routing Skills: Complete 12 Tasks
Callback Functions and Route::view() :book: Basic Routing
:book: View Routes
Routing to a Single Controller Method :book: Basic Controllers with Routes
Route Parameters :book: Route Parameters
Route Naming :book: Names Routes
:clapper: Laravel: Why You Need Route Names?
Route Groups :book: Route Groups
:clapper: Laravel Route Grouping: Simple to Very Complex
:clapper: More videos
Blade Basics :question: Let's Test Your Laravel Blade Skills: Complete 8 Tasks
:clapper: 9 Quick Tips about Laravel Blade
Displaying Variables in Blade :book: Blade: Displaying Data
Blade If-Else and Loop Structures :book: Blade: If-Statements
:book: Blade Loops
Layout: @include, @extends, @section, @yield :book: Blade: Layout Using Template Inheritance
Blade Components :book: Blade Components
:clapper: Laravel Blade Components: Two Examples - Laravel Breeze/UI
Auth Basics :question: Test Your Laravel Auth Skills: Complete 7 Tasks
:clapper: 8 Tips & Tricks about Laravel Auth
Starter Kits: Breeze (Tailwind) or Laravel UI (Bootstrap) :book: Laravel Breeze Official Documentation
:book: Laravel UI: Official Github Page
:clapper: Laravel 8 Auth: 5 "Latest" Things You Need to Know
More videos
Default Auth Model and Access its Fields from Anywhere :book: Retrieving the Authenticated User
Check Auth in Controller / Blade :book: Determining If The Current User Is Authenticated
:book: Blade: Authentication Directives
Auth Middleware :book: Protecting Routes
Database Basics
Database Migrations :question: Test Your Laravel Migrations Skills: Complete 10 Tasks
:book: Database Migrations
:clapper: Laravel Migrations: Table Created but Foreign Key Failed?
More videos
Basic Eloquent Model and MVC: Controller -> Model -> View :question: Test Your Eloquent Basic Skills: 11 Tasks to Complete
:book: Eloquent: Getting Started
Eloquent Relationships: belongsTo / hasMany / belongsToMany :question: Test Your Eloquent Relationships Skills: 9 Tasks to Complete
:book: Eloquent Relationships: One-to-One
:book: Eloquent Relationships: One-to-Many
:book: Eloquent Relationships: BelongsTo
:book: Eloquent Relationships: Many-to-Many
:clapper: How to Safely Change DB Relations in Live Laravel Project?
Eager Loading and N+1 Query Problem :book: Relationships: Eager Loading
:clapper: Laravel N+1 Query Detector: Don't Forget Eager Loading
Full Simple CRUD
Route Resource and Resourceful Controllers :book: Laravel Resource Controllers
:page_facing_up: Simple Laravel CRUD with Resource Controllers []
:clapper: Laravel Nested Resource Controllers: Two-Level Deep
:clapper: More videos
Forms, Validation and Form Requests :question: Test Your Laravel Validation Skills: Complete 9 Tasks
:book: Laravel Validation
:clapper: New in Laravel 6.13: Format Validation Error Field Name :clapper: More videos
File Uploads and Storage Folder Basics :question: Test Your Laravel File Upload Skills: Complete 7 Tasks
:book: Filesystem: File Uploads
:clapper: Laravel: How to Upload File During User Registration
More videos
Table Pagination :book: Database Pagination

Beginner Demo-Project: Personal Blog

To achieve this Beginner level, you would need to practice by creating something like this personal blog project.

Inside of the repository above, you will find all the details of the task, with a few example solutions.

Advanced Beginner Level

The goal of this level is to find the first job or freelance gig

Link icons: :book: Official Docs :clapper: Video :page_facing_up: Article :capital_abcd: Course

Topic Learning Links
Routing Advanced :clapper: Laravel: 8 Tips for Advanced Routing
:clapper: More videos
Route Model Binding :book: Route Model Binding
:clapper: Laravel Route Model Binding: All You Need To Know
:clapper: More videos
Route Redirect :book: Redirect Routes
Create Custom Middleware Class :book: Defining Middleware
Database Advanced
Database Seeders and Factories :book: Database: Seeding
:book: Defining Model Factories
:clapper: Laravel Factories: Generate and Re-use Fake Records
:clapper: More videos
Eloquent Query Scopes :book: Eloquent: Query Scopes
:clapper: Same Eloquent Where Condition? Refactor into Local Scopes
Polymorphic relationships :book: Polymorphic Relationships
:clapper: Portal: Polymorphic Relations Example
Eloquent Accessors and Mutators :book: Accessors & Mutators
Eloquent Collections :book: Eloquent Collections
:book: General Laravel Collections
Soft Deletes :book: Soft Deleting
Auth Advanced
Authorization: Roles/Permissions, Gates, Policies :book: Authorization
:clapper: Laravel Roles and Permissions: All CORE Things You Need To Know
More videos
Authorization: Extra Packages - Spatie Permission, Bouncer, etc :clapper: Spatie Laravel Permission: Example Project Review
:page_facing_up: Two Best Laravel Packages to Manage Roles/Permissions
:book: spatie/laravel-permission
:book: JosephSilber/bouncer
Authentication: Email Verification :book: Email Verification
:clapper: How to Translate/Customize Laravel Auth Default Emails
File Uploads Advanced :capital_abcd: File Uploads in Laravel
Drivers and Disks, Example of Amazon S3 :book: File Storage
:clapper: Laravel: How to Upload Files to Amazon S3
Extra Packages: Spatie Medialibrary, Intervention Image, etc :book: spatie/laravel-medialibrary
:book: intervention/image
:clapper: Spatie Media Library Pro: Laravel File Uploads with Great UX [REVIEW]
:clapper: More videos
API Basics :capital_abcd: How to Create Laravel API
:clapper: Create Model with API Controller - in one Artisan Command
Laravel API: Be Careful When Doing Changes
API Routes and Controllers :book: API Resource Routes
:book: Default Route Files
:clapper: Junior Code Review: Simple Laravel API - in 5 Different Ways
Working with API Clients: Postman or Alternatives :book: Postman API Client
API Eloquent Resources :book: Eloquent: API Resources
:clapper: Laravel API Result: Add Fields with Map or Appends
API Auth with Sanctum :book: Laravel Sanctum
:clapper: Laravel API Auth with Sanctum and API Tokens
:clapper: More videos
API Error Handling and Status Codes :clapper: Laravel API 404 Error: Customize Exception Message
:page_facing_up: HTTP Status Codes
Debugging Errors
Log Files in Laravel :book: Logging
Try-Catch and Laravel Exceptions :book: Error Handling
:clapper: Exceptions in Laravel: Why/How to Use and Create Your Own
Local Debugging Tools: Debugbar, Telescope, Ray :book: barryvdh/laravel-debugbar
:book: Laravel Telescope
:book: Spatie Ray (Premium Tool)
:clapper: Debug Eloquent Queries from API: Laravel Telescope
:clapper: Spatie Ray: Laravel Debugging with Pleasure
Customizing Error Pages and Messages :book: Custom HTTP Error Pages
:clapper: Laravel Error Pages: Change Text or Customize Layouts
:clapper: New in Laravel 8.26: Override 404 Page with Route Missing
(optional) Third Party Bug Trackers: Bugsnag, Flare, Sentry, Rollbar :book: Bugsnag Laravel
:book: Flare Homepage
:book: Sentry Laravel
:book: Rollbar Laravel
:clapper: Bug Tracking in Laravel: Bugsnag vs Flare [Demo/Review]
Sending Email :clapper: Laravel: 3 Ways to Send a Welcome Email (Controller vs Observer vs Events)
Mailables and Mail Facade :book: Mail & Mailables
Configure Drivers/Services: Mailgun, Mailtrap, etc :page_facing_up: How to Send Email From Laravel, and Why We Need 3rd Party Providers For It
:book: Mail: Drivers Prerequisites
Notifications System: Email, SMS, Slack, etc. :book: Notifications
:clapper: Laravel Notifications: "Database" Driver - Demo Project
Automated Testing with PHPUnit :clapper: PHPUnit in Laravel: Simple Example of Why/How to Test
"Smoke" Tests to Check if Pages are Loading :book: Testing: Getting Started
:capital_abcd: Testing Laravel: Course by Spatie
:capital_abcd: My Course: Laravel: PHPUnit Testing for Beginners
:clapper: Laravel TDD in "Live" Mode: Checkout Code Review
Configure Testing Database and Test CRUD Operations :book: Database Testing
Deployment and Version Control
Git Version Control :book: Git
:clapper: Git in Laravel. Part 1 - Branches: Main, Develop and Feature
:clapper: More videos
Deployment on Live Servers :book: Deployment
:page_facing_up: How to Deploy Laravel Projects to Live Server: The Ultimate Guide
:page_facing_up: What Server is Needed to Deploy Laravel Projects
:clapper: How we Deploy Laravel: Branches, Staging Servers, Forge and Envoyer

Advanced Beginner Demo-Project: Simple CRM

To achieve this Advanced Beginner level, you would need to practice by creating something like this simple CRM project.

Inside of the repository above, you will find all the details of the task, with an example solution.

Mid Level

Master all Laravel features with 3-5 years of practical experience

Link icons: :book: Official Docs :clapper: Video :page_facing_up: Article :capital_abcd: Course

Topic Learning Links
Routing Extra Features
Route Caching :book: Route Caching
Rate Limiting :book: Rate Limiting
:clapper: Laravel: Create Public API with Cache and Rate Limits
Invokable controllers :book: Single Action Controllers
Database/Eloquent Extra Features
Model Observers :book: Eloquent Observers
:clapper: Laravel Model: Check if Any Field Was Changed
:clapper: Eloquent Observers or Events Listeners? Which is Better?
Raw Database Queries :book: Query Builder: Raw Expressions
All Eloquent Features :book: All About Eloquent
:capital_abcd: Eloquent: Expert Level
:page_facing_up: 20 Laravel Eloquent Tips and Tricks
:clapper: Laravel Collections: 5 Methods with Real Examples
More videos
Various Extra Laravel Features
Custom Blade Directives :book: Extending Blade
Events and Listeners :book: Events and Listeners
:clapper: Laravel: 3 Ways to Send a Welcome Email (Controller vs Observer vs Events)
:clapper: Laravel: Why Observers and Event Listeners are "Risky"
Laravel HTTP Client and Guzzle :book: HTTP Client
:clapper: Laravel and External APIs: Get Data with HTTP Client
Login with X: Laravel Socialite :book: Laravel Socialite
Creating Artisan Commands :book: Writing Artisan Commands
:clapper: How to Create Artisan Commands in Laravel
Task Scheduling :book: Task Scheduling
:clapper: Laravel Task Scheduling: Run Artisan Command Hourly
Caching :book: Cache
:clapper: Cache Eloquent Query Results to Load Pages Instantly
Real-time: Broadcasting, Echo and Pusher :book: Broadcasting
Jobs and Queues :capital_abcd: Queues in Laravel
Queueable Classes and Jobs :book: Creating Jobs
:book: Queueing Notifications
:book: Queued Event Listeners
:book: Queueing Mail
:clapper: Laravel Queues 101: Example with Sending Emails
Job Dispatching, Batching and Chaining :book: Dispatching Jobs
Processing Failed Jobs :book: Dealing with Failed Jobs
Configuring Queues: Drivers, Redis, Supervisor :book: Running the Queue Worker
:book: Configuring Supervisor
Laravel Horizon (optional, if you use Redis) :book: Laravel Horizon
API Advanced
Upload Files via API :page_facing_up: Laravel API: How to Upload File from Vue.js
Generate API Documentation :page_facing_up: Laravel API Documentation with OpenAPI/Swagger
:clapper: Scribe: New Package for Laravel API Documentation
API Versioning :page_facing_up: Versioning your REST API with Laravel
:clapper: Versioning your API: from V1 to V2 and Beyond [video from my course]
API with OAuth and Laravel Passport :book: Laravel Passport
:clapper: Laravel API Auth Demo: Passport, oAuth and Sanctum
Only-API Projects with Front-end like Vue.js / React.js :capital_abcd: Vue.js 3 + Laravel 9 SPA: CRUD with Auth
:capital_abcd: React.js + Laravel: SPA CRUD with Auth
Only-API Projects with Mobile Apps :capital_abcd: Flutter Mobile App with Laravel API
:page_facing_up: Using Sanctum to authenticate a mobile app
(optional) Starter Kits: Laravel Jetstream and Fortify
Laravel Jetstream (requires Livewire/Inertia knowledge) :book: Laravel Jetstream
:capital_abcd: Laravel Jetstream+Livewire: Real Mini-Project
:clapper: Laravel Jetstream: How it Works and Example How to Customize
Laravel Fortify :book: Laravel Fortify
:clapper: Laravel Fortify: Four Auth Things to Customize
Laravel Cashier with Stripe/Paddle :book: Laravel Cashier (Stripe)
:book: Laravel Cashier (Paddle)
Custom Payment Providers: PayPal, Mollie, etc :page_facing_up: Subscription billing with Laravel Cashier for Mollie
:page_facing_up: How To Integrate Paypal Payment Gateway In Laravel
Automated Testing Advanced
TDD: Test-Driven Development :capital_abcd: Build A Laravel App With TDD
:capital_abcd: TDD With Laravel
Mocking :book: Mocking
(optional) Laravel Dusk :book: Laravel Dusk
Full-Text Search
Laravel Scout :book: Laravel Scout
Drivers: ElasticSearch, Algolia or MeiliSearch :page_facing_up: ElasticSearch Driver for Laravel Scout
:book: Algolia: Scout Extended
:page_facing_up: Full-Text Search with MeiliSearch and Laravel Scout
Laravel Packages
Contributing to Packages, making Pull Requests :clapper: How to Contribute to Laravel Docs (or any open-source repository)
Create Laravel Packages :book: Package Development
:capital_abcd: Laravel Package Development

Senior Level

Responsibility for architecture decisions on large projects

Link icons: :book: Official Docs :clapper: Video :page_facing_up: Article :capital_abcd: Course

Topic Learning Links
PHP/Laravel Design Patterns :clapper: Laravel Design Patterns - Bobby Bouwmann - Laracon EU 2018 Amsterdam
:capital_abcd: Laracasts: Design Patterns in PHP
:clapper: Colin Decarlo - Design Patterns with Laravel [Laracon 2018]
:clapper: Matt Stauffer - Patterns That Pay Off [Laracon 2018]
:capital_abcd: Design Patterns in PHP
:page_facing_up: Design Patterns for Humans
Creational Design Patterns :page_facing_up: Design Patterns PHP: Creational
Structural Design Patterns :page_facing_up: Design Patterns PHP: Structural
Behavioral Design Patterns :page_facing_up: Design Patterns PHP: Behavioral
Well-written Code
SOLID Code :capital_abcd: SOLID Code in Laravel
:clapper: Becoming a better developer by using the SOLID design principles by Katerina Trajchevska
:page_facing_up: Writing Maintainable Code: SOLID Principles Explained in PHP (Laravel)
:capital_abcd: Laracasts: SOLID Principles in PHP
:clapper: PHP Solid Principles [Playlist]
Scalable Code :capital_abcd: Scaling Laravel
:clapper: Enterprise Laravel by Matt Stauffer
:page_facing_up: What the hell is scalable code anyway?
Maintainable Code :capital_abcd: 10+ Laravel Refactoring Examples
:page_facing_up: How would you know if you've written readable and easily maintainable code? [forum thread]
:page_facing_up: Crafting maintainable Laravel applications
:page_facing_up: 7 Golden Rules of Clean, Simple and Maintainable Code
Best Practices and Standards :page_facing_up: Repository: alexeymezenin / laravel-best-practices
:capital_abcd: PHP: The Right Way
:page_facing_up: Reddit: What are your Laravel best practices?
Large Datasets
Large Database Structures :capital_abcd: How to Structure Databases in Laravel
:capital_abcd: GraphQL in Laravel From Scratch
NoSQL Solutions :book: MongoDB and Laravel Integration
:page_facing_up: MongoDB + Laravel = Love — When to use NoSQL
Eloquent/SQL Query Optimization :capital_abcd: Better Eloquent Performance
:page_facing_up: 18 Tips to optimize laravel database queries
:page_facing_up: Optimizing Laravel Part 2: Improving Query Performance with Database Indexing
:capital_abcd: Eloquent Performance Patterns
Scaling to Multiple Databases :page_facing_up: Scaling Laravel App with Multiple Databases
:page_facing_up: Multiple DB Connections in Laravel
Working with High-Traffic Projects
Stability and Zero-Downtime Deployments :book: Laravel Deployer
:book: Envoyer - Zero Downtime PHP Deployment
Performance Optimization and Caching :capital_abcd: Performant Laravel
:page_facing_up: The Ultimate Performance Checklist For Laravel Apps
:page_facing_up: How to Optimize PHP Laravel Web Application for High Performance?
Ensuring Code Quality
Writing Testable Code :page_facing_up: How to write testable code
:page_facing_up: Refactoring towards testability
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) :page_facing_up: How to create a CI/CD for a Laravel application using GitHub Actions
:page_facing_up: Configure Laravel 8 for CI/CD with Jenkins and GitHub — Part 1
:page_facing_up: Build, Test, and Deploy Your Laravel Application With GitHub Actions
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