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Simple artisan command to monitoring triggered queries

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Laravel Query Monitor

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Supliu Laravel Query Monitor is library to monitoring Queries in real-time using Laravel Artisan Command. Basically it opens a socket listening and displays (on terminal) the queries executed in your Laravel application.

How to install

  1. Use composer to install this package
composer require --dev supliu/laravel-query-monitor
  1. Run publish command
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Supliu\LaravelQueryMonitor\ServiceProvider"

How to use

Open you terminal and execute:

php artisan laravel-query-monitor

Now just perform some action in your application that performs some interaction with the database.


By default, the query listening service will run on host and port 8081. You can customize both the host and the port by providing the optional arguments:

php artisan laravel-query-monitor --host="" --port=8082

If you change the host and port parameters, you will also need to change the configuration file config/laravel-query-monitor.php.


The Laravel Query Monitor is open-sourced project licensed under the MIT license.

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