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Laravel Package Ocean

A website to help the community to discover new & useful Laravel packages.

Designed by Hassan Zahirnia ( Available for work )


Suggesting a new package

  • If you want a package to be added, first make sure it does not already exist in the database via the search function in the website, and then if that's the case please open a new discussion. You'll get a reply when we add your suggested package to the database.

Adding a new package

  • If you want to PR a new package, you can do it via the ocean cli:
    pnpm run ocean
  • If you decide to PR a package to be added, please include as many packages as you can in a single PR. Don't open a PR for each package.
  • Make sure none of the information provided use any foul language.

Bugfixes or new features

  • Feel free to open an issue or a pull request to add a new feature or fix a bug.

How do we choose packages?

  • The criteria for a package to be added is somewhat opinionated and is a mixture of some guidelines and rules we've set for ourselves.
  • Our goal is not to include every package out there, but to include the ones that are useful and actively maintained.
  • We try to avoid including commercial/paid packages.
  • The number of stars on GitHub is not a factor in deciding whether to include a package or not. We may include a package with less than 5 stars, and we may not include a package with +5k stars.
  • If you see us add a highly starred suggested package right away, and we reject your package with few stars, it's probably because your package is very new and is not proven to be useful to the community yet. Still we might re-visit your package in the future and add it later.
  • We may remove packages that do not support recent versions of Laravel and PHP.
  • The word "new" which we used in the title and description of the website does not necessarily refer to the release date of the package, but to the fact that it's new to the community member who's discovering it. So if you just published a new package and would like it would be added, we may not simply add it right away.

🌸 Please don't have any hard feelings if we're not including your package in the database ^_^

💙 We love you and we appreciate your work and efforts.

If you decide to suggest a package you can create a new discussion in the "Package Suggestions" category.

Notes for package creators/owners

  • If the information about your package is incorrect, please let us know and we'll fix it right away.
  • If for any reason you want to remove your package from the database, please open an issue or ask in discussions. We'll remove it as soon as possible.


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