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Laravel authentication and ACL admin panel package based on sentry

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We are looking for someone to take ownership of this project. Sadly I don't have enough time to maintain it anymore, please get in touch /w me if you are interested.

This is the Laravel 5.4 Version, for Laravel 5.3 use the version 1.3.*, for Laravel 5.2 use the version 1.3.15, for Laravel 5.1/5.0 use the version 1.3.11, for Laravel4 version use the 1.2 branch

Laravel Authentication ACL is a Laravel 5 package, based on sentry2.
This package is made with the purpose of helping other developers to set-up a fully featured admin panel with an ACL using Laravel framework.

You can see the full documentation and usage here

Main features:

  • User authentication and signup
  • Configurable email confirmation
  • Configurable captcha integration
  • Can create groups and permissions and associate permissions to user or group
  • Any user can have multiple groups and permissions
  • Login throttling and password recovery
  • Password strength check
  • User banning
  • Dashboard
  • Infinite custom profile fields!
  • User custom avatar and gravatar support
  • Allow connection to a custom database other then laravel default
  • Create custom menu items with configurable permissions
  • Can handle permission on custom user routes
  • Have two login forms: admin area and user area
  • Many usable hashing algorithms sha256, md5 etc...
  • Laravel4 based and easy to integrate in any Laravel application
  • Have an Api that integrates with your application
  • Bootstrap 3 and responsive design (mobile first)
  • Easy install script from command line
  • Fully customizable and easy to extend
  • Works with major DBMS (mysql, sqlite, postgres)
  • 100% object oriented
  • The code is fully tested with Phpunit

Please support this project

Please support the project development, even a small donation can help the life of this project!

Interested in some new feature?

There's something you like to see in this package? Contact me and i'll do my best to implement that in next releases.

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