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:sailboat: LandSandBoat - a server emulator for Final Fantasy XI. Just an X-34 landspeeder out for a drive.

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base build status License: GPL v3 Total alerts Language grade: C/C++

Welcome to LandSandBoat, an open source server emulator for FFXI.

Getting Started

A quick start guide, the frequently asked questions, and a table of "what works" are all available on our wiki.

Interacting with LandSandBoat

Crashes, bugs, obvious gameplay issues etc

Please search the issues tab and see if your issue is already logged, or create a new one.

Balance discussion, technical discussion, meta discussions etc

For topics with less direction than issues, a discussion is probably a better fit. Please search the discussions tab and see if your topic has already been discussed, or create a new one.


LandSandBoat is licensed under GNU GPL v3

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