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A site dedicated to turn web peasants into Internet LandChads.

Simple step-by-step text and image-based tutorials for creating websites, email servers, chat servers, server administration and everything else.

Suggestions welcome.

This site is compiled and organized with Hugo, using this very simple theme.

Submission guidelines

  • Guides should be made for the most recent stable version of Debian. (Now Debian 11.)
  • Follow the general style of pre-existing articles.
  • use the root user (i.e. no sudo) unless there is a specific need.
  • do not preface commands with $ or # or anything.
  • use .svg files for icons/logos and for illustrative images favor webp, keep filesize low.
  • Use the example domain.
  • Do not add Docker tutorials.
  • Installable services must have the service tag and an icon set in the metadata so they properly appear in the service display.
  • Server/sysadmin tips should have the server tag, so they appear in that list.


Adding anything to this site puts it in the public domain. You are welcome to add your personal links to the bottom of pages you write for credit.

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